Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

June 1846

London   1846, June 1

We went to Lady Norbury’s breakfast at Gordon House near Isleworth & came home soon after seven. Sarah Murray went with us. There were not many people, but it was very pretty. There was a little dancing. Mary had a private lesson from Mr. Stanley.

London   1846, June 2

Made no end of calls & found at home only Mrs. Ravenscroft & Lady Hereford. Went in the evening to Lady Fitz Wygram’s concert when the performers were Frederic Lablache & his wife & Alvaro(?).

London   1846, June 3

My sisters went to the flower show in the Regents Park. We went in the evening to Lord FitzWilliam’s ball, which was a very pretty & pleasant one. At one time it was very crowded & we had to go to Hyde Park Corner to get into the string. We staid till half past 3.

London   1846, June 4

We went to the opera Don Giovanni with all the best singers: Grisi, Castellan, Sanchioli(?), Lablache & his son, Mario &c. The ballet was some of the prettiest scenes from Oudine, which was most beautifully performed by Cerilo & St. Leon & Le Delire d’un Peintre in which Lucile Grahn & Louise Taglioni performed with Perrot. Mr. Stanley’s 5th lesson.

London   1846, June 5

I had one of my headaches all day & did nothing.

London   1846, June 6

Mr. Holmes 4th lesson. Mr. Wrottesley & Edmund lunched here. In the afternoon Grandmama & I took Newport, Selina & Georgey to the Paddington Station. From some mistake in the books we were too late for the train, so we took a drive round the park & went again to the station later. They have taken a house near Ascot for a week. In the evening Papa & I dined at Mr. Sanderson’s, where fortu- nately for me, I knew most of the people. Afterwards we were joined by George (Lucy was not well enough) & we went to Lady Harriet Clive’s party.

London   1846, June 7

Sunday. This day passed as every Sunday in London, going to church & a walk in the square among numerous friends & acquaintances afterwards. The only difference was that no member of the Clive or Herbert families called.

London   1846, June 8

Lucy nursed her cold all day to be able to go to the Polish ball in the evening. In which we were of Lady Charles FitzRoy’s quadrille, the months & seasons. My month was July & Lucy’s September. We enjoyed the ball very much & were delighted to have seen a fancy dress ball, though there were not a great many good specimens. George went to the Newport’s at Ascot.

London   1846, June 9

Mary, Miss Baker & I walked in Kensington Gardens to hear the band play. Papa & I dined at Mr. Gunfell’s. It was Lucy’s turn, but her cold was not well enough. Isabella Simpson had tea with my sisters.

London   1846, June 10

In the afternoon after leaving ...e ...ds(?) we (that is Mary & I) drove to an out of the way place beyond Chelsea, to see a collection of birds & as we noticed there some pintail & shorelter(?) ducks, it is worth putting down the address here: Baker’s Pheasantry, Beaufort Street. Papa & I dined at Mr. & Lady Mary Stanley’s, from where we went to the Duchess of Cleveland’s large (hot) party to meet the R. H. the Duchess of Gloucester, from where we went to Lady Mary Ross (cool) party, which began early with juveniles, but to which a few came out young ladies & gentlemen. Went towards 12 o’clock.

London   1846, June 11

Went at one o’clock to the exhibition where we staid till ½ past 3 when we came home to Mr. Stanley’s lesson. Dined at 6, fetched Grandmama & walked in the square afterwards. Papa was at the House of Lards.

London   1846, June 12

We had been asked to a breakfast at Blackheath, (Mr. & Miss Newdigate) but having a great deal to do in the evening we did not go to it. Papa & Lucy dined at Lord Powis’s. They came back & fetched me & we went for a few minutes to a little party at Sir Edmund Hartopp’s. Then we went to Mrs. Selwin’s ball & from there to Mrs. Miles’s ball & came home at ½ past 2. Both balls were very nice ones with plenty of people that we know, & we only regretted they were not on two different nights that we might have staid all night at both.

London   1846, June 13

At ½ past 12 Papa & we three started to go to Chiswick & first called for Grandmama. It was a very good show. We did see a great many people we knew, but among the few was old Mr. Rogers . We saw Ibraham Pasha (or in the more correct language of the day, Abraham Parker Esq.) very well & an ugly old man he is. Had a dinner party here which consisted of Lord & Lady Camden & Sarah Murray, Lord & Lady Dartmouth, Mr., Lady Mary & Miss Stanley, Sir F. & Lady Lawley, Lord Euston, the W. Simpsons & Isabella & Mr. Grey & our fourselves. Had some music & singing. George came back from Ascot.

London   1846, June 14

Sunday. This afternoon Papa, George, Mary & I went to the Chapel Royal. We got there by 5 but found the service did not begin till ½ past 5, so we sat in the Mall for a little while. We found quantities of people we knew including the Dartmouths, the Herberts, the Guernseys &c &c &c. When we came back, we found the “square people”had not yet dispersed so we went in for a little while.

London   1846, June 15

Papa & George went off at ½ past 8 for Woburn, where Papa is getting Hayter’s picture of the Duke of Wellington altered to be more like the original. They returned at ½ past 5, when Mr. Stanley’s lesson was just over & Grandmama, Miss Baker & I went out driving & took Georgey. Papa dined at Lord Cawdor’s & went to the House of Lords. George & I took a “nocturnal trip” into the square.

London   1846, June 16

Papa, Lucy, George & I went to a breakfast at Syon which we enjoyed extremely & had a charming day, but unfortunately had a dinnerparty in the evening, so that we had to come away early. But we made a party with those whose were too hot to go home punctual, so that we had dinner somewhere between ½ past 8 and 9. Our party consisted of Lord & Lady Powis & Lady Lucy Herbert, Lord & Lady Delawarr & Lady Mary West, Lady Louisa D. Pennant (Colonel D.P. was one of those unfortunately members who got locked up in the House & thus lost their dinners), the Newports, Lord Lascelles & Lady E. Lascelles, Lord Bateman(?), Mr. H. Grenfell, Mr. Bouverie, Mr. Meynall, Lord Aylesford & Lady Sarah Finch, 21 all. Papa & Lord Delawarr went to the House early.

London   1846, June 17

Had another dinnerparty of 20 consisting of Lord & Lady Milton, Sir J., Lady & Miss Yarde Buller, Sir R. & Lady Howard, Mr. & Mrs. W. Gladstone, Sir. C. & Miss Coote, Sir Walkir(?) W.W., Mr. Percy Herbert, Mr. Newdigate, Mr. & Mrs. Evelyn Shirley. When they were gone we went to Almack’s. There were not many people we knew there.

London   1846, June 18

The Duchess of Bedford having given us the loan of her box at Drury Lane, we could not refuse a good offer & we went there & saw Stradella, a stupid badly done opera & the beautiful ballet of Paquita with which we were enchanted. We also heard a scene out of Norma which was very well done by Madame Monteneyso(?). We then came home to drop Mary. Papa, Lucy, George & I went to Lady Susan Reeve’s ball to which “Uncle Ned”had invited us, which seemed to be a very nice ball & not overcrouded, but I had such a headache that I came home very soon with George, leaving Papa & Lucy there.

London   1846, June 19

Papa drove with us & we made some calls, but the only people we found at home was Mrs. H. Simpson (who is almost better than I expected to find her though very thin, weak & ill) & Lady Mary Ross, Louisa & Lady Carteret. Papa & Lucy dined at the Bishop of Rochester’s.

London   1846, June 20

We had anotyher dinner party of 16. Consisting of Lord & Lady Leigh & two Miss Leighs (Augusta & Mary), Mr. & Mrs. C. Shirley, Mrs. Edmund Bridgeman, Lord Wrottesley, Sir Edmund Hartopp, Sir Robert Gunning, Mr. R. Leeke & Mr. C. Childe. We had some consequences in the course of the evening & confessed Mr. Leeke which was rather a failure.

London   1846, June 21

Sunday. As usual. A larger assembly, if anything than usual in the square this afternoon.

London   1846, June 22

Nothing particular took place during the day. Papa & I dined at Mr. C. Drummond’s. A small but marry party. Just after we came home, there was a very violent thunderstorm.

London   1846, June 23

This evening Papa, Lucy & I went to a party at Lady Westminster’s, which we enjoyed exceedingly. The rooms are so large that though there were immense quantities of people, there it never was too crouded & one saw all one’s friends. The pictures are beaitiful. The great lions of the evening were the Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress, such treats!, & Mr. Rogers. We were kept about an hour & a ½ waiting for our carriage so it was near two o’clock when we got home.

London   1846, June 24

We had a dinner party at home of 19 people. George was not well enough to make the 20th. The party consisted of Lady Elizabeth & Miss Smyth, Mr. & Mrs. Sanderson & Miss Manners Sutton, Mr., Mrs. & Miss Hoare, Mr. & Miss Louisa Grenfell, Lord Burghley, mr. Perry, Mr. St. Leger, Mr. Cheney, Mr. & Mrs. East. It went off the best(?) of any I thought. When the party was dispersed we went to a party at Lady Combermere’s where there was some amateur singing. Some of it very good & some not. In the last division ranks the singing of a Mr. Bligh who “played antics” with his eyes & had evidently practised this song to a pianoforte pitched much lower than the one at Lady Combermere’s.

London   1846, June 25

Lady Leigh & Mrs. Earl lunched here. This errand was to effect our making part of the Belvedere party on Saturday with Grandmama, which was satisfactorily arranged. We had another dinner party consisting of Lord & Lady Kinnoull & Lady Sarah Hay, Lord & Lady Brownlow & Lady Caroline Cust, Lady Dalhousie ( Lord D. was kept at the House & did not make his appearance), Mr. & Lady Phipps, Lord & Lady Newport, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Neville, Lord Charles FitzRoy & Lord John Manners & our four selves, makes 19. When they were departed Papa, Lucy & I went to Lady St. German’s drum(?) & from there to Lady Powis’s ball which we enjoyed exceedingly & staid till the country dance & Sir Roger de Coverley at the end. We did not get home till nearly 4 & saw the sun rise to perfection.

London   1846, June 26

We went to a party at the Duchess of Cleveland’s & afterwards to Mrs. Drake’s ball, where we did not stay late.

London   1846, June 27

Grandmama, Mary & I joined a waterparty Lady Leigh had got up, which consisted of Lord & Lady Leigh & 5 Miss Leighs, Mr. & Mrs. Adderley, Mr. & Mrs. East, Mr. & Mrs. Twisleton, Mr. & Mrs. & Miss Percy, Lady Fremantle, Colonel F. & 3 Miss Fremantles, Mr. Henry Colville & Miss Constance Colville, Lady R., Mr. & Miss Spencer Stanhope, Lord Burghley, Mr. FitzRoy, Mr. W. Willes, Mr. Berkeley Noel, Mr. Feilding & our three selves, making a party of about 35. Which was about 10 less than they had expected. The weather seemed very showery in the morning, but we had not a drop of rain after we had embarked in the (Laurel) steamer, at Hungerford stairs at ½ past 12. The steamer being very slow we did not get to Erith till 4 o’clock, where we landed, filled 3 omnibuses & drove to Belvedere (Lord Saye & Sele’s plan). There we found a most sumptious dejeuner prepaired for us, under the immediate orders of Mrs. Crook & Mr. Pigard(?) (the steward & housekeeper) who both took an active part in our reception & entertainment. The toasts & speeches were very amusing. We walked all over the garden & shrubberies, which are beautiful & we danced a good deal (Mrs. Crook having prepaired two rooms for that purpose). There was a regular ball refreshment room &c &c, a man to play, etc. We left Belvedere about ½ past 8 & embarked at Erith soon after 9. The lateness & damp air even sent us down to the cabin, where we amused ourselves for the three hours & a half by playing at games, such as Proverbs, How do you like it?, When? &c & Where? etc. & many such games. We reached home by one o’clock on Sunday morning. Meanwhile Lucy & papa went to Eton to pay Johnny a visit & dined at Mr. Sullivan’s in the evening.

London   1846, June 29

Papa, Lucy, George & I went to a breakfast at Sir Edward East’s, Sherwood Lodge, Battersea. It was the first breakfast in which we were not tied down as to time by a dinner party. We enjoyed it very much. Saw lots of people we knew, danced, heard the same child play that we had heard at Lady Willoughbey’s & came away at ½ past 8. We afterwards went to Lady Brinckman’s concert, which was very good indeed. The singers being Grisi, Mario & Lablache & a Mademoiselle Vera, who has sung very well indeed.

London   1846, June 30

So uncertain & showery that we did not start for the Syon breakfast till after 4, when Papa & Lucy went in the barouche & we hired a Clarence in which George & I followed at a most respectful distance. We were un- fortunately obliged to come home very early for a dinner, Lucy, Papa & I. There were the Ethiopian singers at Syon, I was delighted to hear, having no possible chance of hearing them without. Dancing was just going to begin when we came away. We dined at Lord Dartmouth’s, where after dinner assembled every Finch, Neville & Legge that ever existed (including the bride & bridegroom who have just finished their honeymoon) & the same little girl (Miss Goddard) to play. We proceeded from there to Lady Camden’s when there was an “at home”.