Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

May 1847

London   1847, May 1

Mr. Stanley. Papa, Aunt C., Ursula & Lucy went to the British Gallery exhibition. Emily, Mary, Miss B. & I did a little business & ended by driving three times round the park. A drizzling rain most of the time.

London   1847, May 2

Sunday. A very showery day. It was a bad meeting in the afternoon in the Square.

London   1847, May 3

A showery day. Nothing done, but shopping.

London   1847, May 4

Spent the morning at Mr. Lanzelle’s. Walked in the afternoon. Lady East & Miss Spencer called. Do(?) Lady John Thynne & 2 of her little boys. Epoi(?) Mrs. Dugdale went to the Duchess of Bedford at tea time. Papa & I dined with the Fremantles. A very pleasant dinner & afterwards fetched Ursula & Lucy went to Mrs. Lambton’s ball. Staid till 2 ½.

London   1847, May 5

A quiet day in all respects. Mr. Stanley.

London   1847, May 6

Went to Crockford’s to see the sale of seized goods & spent our hirs(?) & fortunes in seeing & buying beautiful things & getting presents. Went in the evening to Lady Lyndhurst’s drum & to Mrs. Gosling’s ball. Came home soon after two.

London   1847, May 7

Mr. Smart’s first lesson. Mr. Lanzelle & shopping in the afternoon. Ursula dined with us & Papa went to the House in the evening.

London   1847, May 8

Mr. Stanley. He made me a present of a “blot”of Weston church. Aunt C., Lucy & Mary went to the exhibition. Emily & I cheated of our drive & both having headaches ...(?) very desperate. In the evening Papa, L. & I went to Sir J. Pakington’s to dinner. Had a very nice dinner & very nice singing afterwards. Proceeded to Lady Peel’s “at house” & got home punctually as the clock struck 12.

London   1847, May 9

Sunday. A lovely day at last & tolerably warm. Papa, Lucy & I went to the Chapel Royal in the afternoon. Went there by 5 & found we must spend half an hour waiting so we walked in St. James Park where there was a great show of “gents”, both male & female. During the afternoon we had visits from Mr. Drummond & Mary D.D. & from Mrs. Edmund Bridgeman. Ursula dined with us.

London   1847, May 10

Papa took Ursula, Emily & Lucy to see the House of Lords.

London   1847, May 11

Mr. Smart. Shopped & drove in the park in the afternoon. Miss Wrottesley & Miss Grove called in the morning as did also Miss Elphinstone & her two nieces.

London   1847, May 12

Mr. Stanley. Mr. Lanzelle. Papa & Lucy dined at the Sandersons. Ursula tea’d with us. I joined. Papa & L. went to Mrs. Packe reading’s concert, an excellent one. Persiani, Alboni, Castellan, Lablache, Tamburini & Marras (in the place of Gardoni who could not come). We staid there till ½ past 12 when we left it, not nearly finished, to go to Mrs. Wyndham’s ball, where we found Ursula & the Newports. The latter soon went leaving Ursula with us. Staid till 3.

London   1847, May 13

Mr. Holmes. Ascension Thursday. Nothing able to go to church in the morning we some of us went to St. Paul’s in the afternoon. The carriage out all the afternoon taking us turn about as we could go. Did not go to Lady Lyndhurst’s ball for fear of tiring ourselves before the court ball.

London   1847, May 14

Mr. Smart. The Murrays called in the morning. Took our turns in driving as usual. Went to the ball at the palace & was very agreable surprised in the pleasure of the evening. When the awful passing the Queen was over it was very enjoy- able & more like a nice “at home” very beautifully done than any thing else. It is certainly one of the prettiest sights to see that I have ever seen. We got there about ten & went home by ½ past 2.

London   1847, May 15

Mr. Stanley. Fanny Higginson called in the morning & Isabella Simpson. In our afternoon’s drive we saw a woman & child run over. Papa, Lucy & I dined at the Clives. Did not enjoy so much as I ought & should for I was still very sleepy & tired from the effect of last night. Heard some good riddles.

London   1847, May 16

Sunday. A showery day. So no large assembly in the Square.

London   1847, May 17

Fetched Ursula & went to Lady Combermere’s ball.

London   1847, May 18

Had visits from Edmund & Orlando. Mr. Smart. Did business with Papa at Thrupp’s & Tratt’s & ordered our court dresses. Isabella Simpson, Ursula, Edmund & Orlando dined here.

London   1847, May 19

Derby day, so Newport could not dine here as we wanted. Lady Louisa Cotes called. Papa, Emily, Lucy & Mary went in the afternoon to Knight’s nursery garden. In the evening Papa & I (Lucy being too tired to go out) went to Lord Leigh’s by way of looking in after a dinner party & saw lots of people I knew there. We went on from there to a party at Mrs. William Gladstone’s.

London   1847, May 20

Mr. Holmes. Lucy & I went to be tried for our courtdresses after which Papa took Aunt C., Lady C. Copley, Mrs. Edmund Bridgeman, Isabella Simpson & me to see the House of Lords. At five o’clock Sir Augustus Clifford gave us places & we staid some time to hear what was going on & we heard the old Duke speak as well as Lord Brougham, Lord Radnor, Lord FitzWilliam, Lord Lansdowne & the Bishops of London & Exeter. Papa & I tried next door at Mrs. Miles’s. Lucy mean- while was enjoying herself at dinner with the Newports.

London   1847, May 21

Mr. Smart. Left cards by the dozens. The Newports, Ursula & Edmund dined here.

London   1847, May 22

Mr. Stanley. Papa, Miss Baker & I went to the great exhibition in the afternoon. Papa, Lucy & I dined at the Bishop of Rochester’s.

London   1847, May 23

Sunday. Papa, Mary & I went to the Chapel Royal in the evening. We took a walk in the Square quite late at night.

London   1847, May 24

Mr. Lanzelle; finished with him. Aunt Charles, Emily & Mary went to drink tea with Ursula in Wilton Crescent. Papa, Lucy & I went to a ball at Lady Sefton’s, where Selina left Ursula with us. Staid till ¼ before 3.

London   1847, May 25

Mr. Smart forgot us altogether. Uncle Charles (who has come up to stay with the Deans) came here. Orlando lunched here. Had a dinnerparty consisting of Sir Joseph & Lady C. Copley, Mr. & Lady Louisa Cotes, Mr. & Lady M. Egerton, Mrs. E. Bridgeman & Isabella Simpson, Uncle & Aunt C., Ursula, Mr. Desvoeux, Mr. Sydney Pierrepont, Mr. Richard Dean, Mr. St. Leger, Mr. Childe. Mrs. Childe & Dudley Pelham came in in the morning. We were made to sing & play till very late so that it was nearly 12 when we went to Mrs. Miles’s ball in Hamilton place where we staid till nearly 2.

London   1847, May 26

Mr. Stanley. Drove with Papa to jeweller’s shops (to get presents for us) & then to see Mrs. Childe who we found at home.

London   1847, May 27

Mr. Holmes. Went to the drawing room. Never was such a crowd known. Could not get away till nearly ½ past 5. Rested the remaining part of the afternoon. Met Sarah & Eleanor Murray in the Square & made them come in to dinner with us. Lucy had too bad a headache to go to Lady Lyndhurst’s ball in the evening. So Papa went without her. Came home early.

London   1847, May 28

Mr. Smart. Papa dined out at Mr. & Mrs. W.B. Grey’s, so we had a teaparty & invited Ursula. Went to see Mr. Stanleys’sketches.

London   1847, May 29

Mr. Stanley. Papa & Lucy dined at Lord Sheffield’s. We had another teaparty, but invited nobody. Uncle C. looked in in the evening.

London   1847, May 30

Sunday. I had too bad a cold to go to church or walk, but I heard there was no end of an assembly in the Square.

London   1847, May 31

My cold still too bad to allow of my going out, so Papa & Lucy went without me to two balls. One at Lady Susan Reeve’s & the other at Lady Yarde Buller’s. Aunt C. & Emily went to Dover. Ursula went with them for a week as the Newports went to Ascot for the week. They called here just before luncheon. Isabella Simpson changed her lodging from Mrs. E. Bridgeman’s to this house.