Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: April 1847

Castle Bromwich   1847, April 7

After luncheon Lucy & I called on Mrs. Kempson & went with her to the school where we heard the girls read, spell &c &c. Then Mary & Johnny joined us & we went to the infant school which was amusing. Then we paid a good many vsits to the cottages. Then Johnny left us. Then we called on Mrs. Webb, Mrs. K. still with us & Mrs. Baldock & then came in.

Castle Bromwich   1847, April 8

This morning we made great fuss about going to Pype to luncheon according to his invitation, but it ended in John’s going by himself to make our excuses & say we were alying(?) of grief. We went out gathering violets to take [to] London & we picked altogether enough to fill both a soup plate & a saucer. At 4 o’clock we went with Papa to bid a tender farewell to the Kempsons.

London   1847, April 9

Papa & I started for Birmingham at 12 o’clock to go & see Dr. Evans. Lucy, Mary & Johnny walked to see Mrs. Wiseman & Mrs. Chaddock & then waited on Hodghill Common till the other carriage passed. Having seen Dr. Evans we went to the London Station where we were soon joined by rhe “Common” party. To our extreme displeasure Mr. Hawker(!) was to be seen walking up & down the station. He spoke of Papa & we were in terrible fear for a few minutes that he would make the 6th. in our carriage, but he didn’t. Lord Ingestrie also came up by this train. Johnny got out at Coventry to pay a day’s visit to Grandmama. Miss Baker came in the evening.

London   1847, April 10

In the morning little Georgey paid us a visit. He is immensely grown & forward in every way. Afterwards we went to see the Newports & Newport walked with us in the park & came here to luncheon with us. After luncheon we went out in the coach & did lots of business. Kent & Bull’s, Lewis & Allenby’s, Mrs. Thomson’s, Mackenzies &c &c &c. Johnny came. We walked afterwards & did a little shopping on foot. Met the Lady Gore’s.

London   1847, April 11

Sundat. A pouring wet day. Did not go to church in the morning, but did in the afternoon & under umbrellas went to see Georgey.

London   1847, April 12

Went to the Soho bazaar & various shops & ended by paying Selina & Georgey a visit.

London   1847, April 13

More shopping. Tried to get an opera box for Thursday, but did not succeed. The man to come tomorrow. Lucy did not dine. Saw courtdresses for Thursday at Mrs. Murray’s.

London   1847, April 14

Mr. Holmes’& Mr. Stanley’s first lessons. Mrs. & Miss Pepys called. Also Mrs. Colvile & Caroline & Augusta Leigh. We went to the Bristish Institution in the afternoon. It is a very pretty exhibition this year. In the evening we went to a concert at Lady Jervis’s which Lady Torrington asked us to. It was an excellent concert. Castellan, Alboni, Gardoni & Coletti & the last came in Tamburini’s place who was ill. We were the first people there which was by no means pleasant.

London   1847, April 15

A very nasty day. I did not go out. We went to the old opera tonight. The opera was the Puritani. The principal singers Castellan, Lablache, Gardoni & Coletti. Mlle. Rosate & Marie Taglioni danced a little between the acts. The Ballet was a new one. Orithia or Le Camp des Amazones, very pretty & well got up & a new sort of idea. Lucile Gratin was the heroine. Enjoyed the whole excession.

London   1847, April 16

Lady Charlotte Egerton called. We took a short drive & walked in the square with Isabella Toler. Miss Baker went to exeter Hall to hear Elizah. The Newports dined here.

London   1847, April 17

Mr. Stanley’s second lesson. Miss baker went out in the afternoon. We went with Papa & Johnny to the Private view of the New Water Colour Exhibition. Lady Charlotte Dimson(?) called here. Francis dined here.

London   1847, April 18

Sunday. Papa & Johnny went to the Chapel Royal in the morning. We walked in the Square in the afternoon but were almost the only people there. Georgey paid us a visit at luncheon time.

London   1847, April 19

Went to Mr. Lanzelle’s & various other places. Bought bonnets. Johnny went to a friend (a fellow I mean) to dine & go to Astleys together.

London   1847, April 20

Called on the Leighs who we found at home. Then we went to the Panorama of Cairo in Leicester Square when we were met by Papa & John. It is a very interesting Panorama to any one I should think, but just now to us peculiarly so & there was a man there who could answer all our questions most satisfactorily & showed us where the Hotel de l’Orient, the public gardens & the new Roman Catholic cemetery were. We dined early & went to the Opera (Covent Garden). Heard the Somnambula most beautifully sung by Persiana & Mario with both of whom we were in raptures. Tamburini & Mlle. Corbari had the other principal parts. The scenes are most beautifully got up & the chorus & orchestra excellent particularly the last. The whole arrangement of the theatre is in very good taste. This house however does not come up to the other in the general dancing. The ballet was La Reina del Fées(?), a new one with some very pretty tableaux. Mlle. Dumilâtre danced quite beautifully with M. Petissa.

London   1847, April 21

Did shopping in the carriage. Mr. Stanley. Francis came to luncheon. Papa & Lucy dined at Mrs. Ravenscroft’s.

London   1847, April 22

Mr. Holmes’second lesson to Lucy & me. Met Aunt Selina walking, who is going back again tomorrow to Dover. Went to the Great Bazaar held at the Willis’s rooms for the Irish & at which a great many great people has stalls. It was a terrible squeeze, much the same as the one at Leamington. We afterwards drove round the Regents Park. Johnny went back to Eton after dinner. We had a lazy fit come on & a fit of compassion for the coachman & did not go to Lady Lyndhurst’s “Thursday at home” as we meant to do.

London   1847, April 23

Mary & Miss Baker went with Papa to see the New House of Lords. We called on Lady Mary Ross afterwards, who we found at home. Papa staid at the House & did not come back to dinner.

London   1847, April 24

Walked in the morning. Mr. Stanley. Drove in the afternoon as usual.

London   1847, April 25

Sunday. A very fine day with warm west wind. Plenty of people in the Square in the afternoon. Among others Selina B. & Co who are come to London for a week, when their house will be let. William Simpson called in the afternoon.

London   1847, April 26

Noting particular till the evening when at ½ past 9 Aunt Charles, Ursula & Emily arrived. Their object in coming being to consult Dr. Chambers about Emily. Ursula’s appearance astonished us very much as the Newports had not told us they had asked her. Emily very tired with her journey. Lady T. & E. Finch called.

London   1847, April 27

Ursula spent most of the day here. In the morning Selina & Aunt S. called & again in the afternoon. Theresa & Mary Drummond called in the afternoon, as also did Lady Spencer. When hey were gone Aunt C., Ursula, Lucy & I drove out doing shopping & business. Emily walked both morning & afternoon. Ursula dined here.

London   1847, April 28

In the afternoon Aunt C., Emily & Lucy drove. Ursula walked with us to the collar shop where we had to stay an age on account of the rain. Mr. Bagot called late in the afternoon. The Deans called before we went out. Papa & I dined at Sir J. Yarde Buller’s & then we fetched Lucy & went to the Grenfell’s ball, where we staid till nearly 3 o’clock & enjoyed it exceedingly. Saw quantities of people we knew.

London   1847, April 29

Mr. Holmes lesson in the morning. It rained the whole afternoon. We spent a great part of it at Mr. Lanzelle’s where Ursula came to us & we did a little shopping with her. She dined with us & afterwards Papa, Lucy & I went to a ball at Lady Lyndhurst’s.

London   1847, April 30

I had a great disappointment today, by being very bad all day with a sick headache which prevented my going to Exeter Hall with Aunt Charles, Selina B. & Lady Newry to hear the Elizah, which I had missed hearing at Birmingham last summer & have so longed to hear ever since. What is worse it is the last time it is to be performed in London this year & Standigh(?) sung in it again as he did at Birmingham & not Philipps. Ursula took my place & went with Papa & Lucy to Mrs. Praed’s ball.