Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: March 1848

Teignmouth   1848, March 9

Went to church in the morning. Finished Now & Then & began Mrs. Trollopes "Three cousins".

Teignmouth   1848, March 10

Took a drive & saw a little of the country.

Teignmouth   1848, March 11

Finished "The three cousins".

Teignmouth   1848, March 13

Monday. We hired a barouche & at 11 o'clock we started for Torquay. We enquired at an hotel 1st where Miss Elphinstone lived. & then were driving towards their house (the Villa Maggiore) when we met her & Gertruda Elphinstone walking. We got out & walked with them to the town where they had a little shopping to do, & than we took a chair & Miss E. Gertrude, & we three drove first to a hill where there is a very curious hole in the rocks called Daddy's Hole. Then we were on our way to another beautiful view when we saw a heavy cloud coming & we huried to go back to the Villa Maggiore. Before we reached it the shower came, & such a shower, we were very wet. We had luncheon at the Villa Maggiore, when, besides our party there were Mademoiselle de Flahaut, & Mademoiselle Steinbery. After which & our things had been dried, we five started again & went to Austey's cove & Babliecombe both very pretty scenery & at Babliecombe we went down to the sea shore. Miss Elphinstone came on with to Babliecombe & then we divided carriages (for our barouche had come with us since luncheon) & they went back to Torquay, while we came home. That way of coming home was a little longer but much prettier than the way we went. Began the "Recollections of a Chaperon".

Teignmouth   1848, March 16

We drove to Dawlish. There we got out & walked. Were caught in the rain. Took a sketch & then came home. Began The Mummy, but did not like it & soon stopped.

Teignmouth   1848, March 17

Last night a fishing boat was upset, but the men belonging to it were saved. It is close to the shore. Finished the Recollections of a Chaperon & began Romance & Reality.

Teignmouth   1848, March 18

There was an (total) eclipse of the moon this evening It began about 6 o'clock & ended soon after 11. We saw it beau- tifully. It was a fine night & not a cloud. We put out our candles, drew back the curtains & sat comfortally enjoying it.

Teignmouth   1848, March 23

Took a drive & gathered primroses to take tomorrow.

London   1848, March 24

Left Teignmouth (Oh bonheur!) at 11 oclock. The express train reached Belgrave Sqe. before 5. Miss Baker & Mary started out shopping almost immediately. Papa & Lucy came about 6 from Weston. I went to bed with a bad heachache almost directly.

London   1848, March 28

Mrs. Dean called. We went to the Covent Garden Opera & heard Castllan & Rogers (a man we heard at Paris) in Lucia di Lammermoor. I liked him better on the whole at the Opera Comique than I do in a tragic thing.

London   1848, March 29

Papa, Lucy & Mary went to a party at Devonshire House.