Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: October 1850

Weston   1850, October 12

Newport went to London. Selina went to Willey. A terribly short visit they have been making, only since Monday & they will be back again here for a few days when we 3 will be away from home, but we said very little, finding she really is wanted now at Willey. We walked by the Mill Pool, Johnny with his gun.

Weston   1850, October 14

Monday. Papa & Lady B., Mary & Johnny went to London. Mary to see a dentist & do no end of commissions for no end of people. Johnny on his way to Cambridge for the first time & Papa to do business about Uncle Simpson's will & then to go & establish Johnny at Cambridge. Lucy & I very snug all day. Had no late dinner, but high tea.

Weston   1850, October 15

We made a great many cottage visits.

Weston   1850, October 16

Mrs. Feilden & Maria called in the morning & saw all the scraps of drawings we did at the Lakes. In the afternoon we walked with the schoolroom to the Walsall Lodge to see Mary Bennett.

Weston   1850, October 17

Selina N. came back from Willey. Lady B. & Mary, early & Newport late, from London. Papa does not come back till Saturday.

Weston   1850, October 18

Too busy, settling accounts, seeing the commissions & approving & trying new music. Lucy went to Willey to spend a few days at the Georgian Rectory. Selina drove Mary, Georgey, Francey & me in the ponycarriage to find Newport shooting. He had had bad sport & was bored, so after watching him in two or three turnip fields we picked him up & took a drive. An amusing incident happened to Mary & the children, who took it into their heads to go home from the n.d(?) drive & some spent shot hit them all & Francey "hoped it wouldn't kill him", though it hadn't even made a mark on his boot. We picked them up again to take a drive.

Knockin   1850, October 19

A very lovely not sunny morning. We went to the rectory. After luncheon Lady Bradford drove with Mary & me to the Shiffnal Station where our servants & our luggage had been sent before. We had a coupé for ourselves & Ann Davidson which was very nice. We got out at Baschurch where we found Nano & a ponycarriage waiting for us to take us to Knockin. We felt as if we were thrown on the wide world alone, but find we do very well. We met Uncle C., Emily, Agnes & Isabel at the posthouse, so we got out & walked with them home. Much music in the evening.

Knockin   1850, October 20

Sunday. In the morning after much deliberation Mary went with Emily to Kinnerly church & while E. was at the school, Mary sat with a book in Edmund's house. In the afternoon we changed, Mary going to Knockin church & I to Kinnerly with Isabel to Edmund's great dislike. After service Isabel & I went to the Vicarage & waited there for Edmund, who had a parish visit to make & for the others & after ...ging(?) the house & grounds we returned home. A little sacred music.

Knockin   1850, October 21

The morning so fine we decided on waiting at home this morning in case Helen & Letty came over & shooting. We unfortunately let all the morning slip away without going out & it was very showery in the afternoon, however we managed to shoot our six ends between showers (Mary & I being furnished with necessary's) but Agnes won the prize Uncle C. gave, a very pretty print of the Cathedral at Worces. Uncle C. would give a prize to the 2nd & 3rd best which were Mary & me, but we all shot so badly, we will not say how many arrows were best. We afterwards took a nice long walk. Much more music.

Knockin   1850, October 22

We made a day of it & went to Halston, Uncle C., Emily & us two. We got there by one o'clock & saw Helen & Letty & Mr. Wright & Miss Duffield. Before luncheon we rowed on the water, which was very weedy & saw lots of wild fowl of various kind & herons & got out at the other end & walked round the wood. After luncheon we saw the children who are much improved & walked in the garden, saw a tree fall by mistake upon the new wall, but fortunately did no harm & coming back again, were caught in the rain. Halston looking very nice.

Knockin   1850, October 23

An odd day, fine at intervals but frequent hailstorms. Could not go out before luncheon to see some coursing as we meant, but after luncheon the same party as yesterday drove to Aston & found Mrs. & Miss Lloyd at home, were a good deal amused. Mrs. Ralph Gore & Miss Plunkett called there while we were there. We waited for the heaviest of all the hailstorms & then came home. The con- clusion I came to is just as I expected, that Aston is a nicer place in almost every way than Halston. The road very gay with vehicles. Met the Hunts & Mrs. Master both going & coming back they having called here & seen Edmund's house. A game at Witch for prizes, prints from Uncle C.. Edmund won the 1st prize.

Knockin   1850, October 24

A horrible day, cold, rainy, mizzly, frosty & every sort of disagreable thing. After luncheon Mary went to see Blodwell with Emily, Edmund & Nano, but as I had seen it & the day was so uninviting, I only took a walk with the others. Mrs. & Miss Lloyd called while we were out! Music as usual.

Knockin   1850, October 25

Kept Leila's birthday which is tomorrow. They had a holiday, but could not make much use of it as it was a dreadfully dull nasty day. 2 gentlemen called, one by name Mr. Russell called me his good lady & offered to lend me his spectacles. When they were gone, we most of us went to see Mrs. Hilton & little Johnny Hilton, an absurd jolly little boy. Then they walked to see the Lady's Well & I came in, practised, had a t?ɬte à t?ɬte with Edmund & held a short soirée. A beautiful cake with a cupid at the top who seemed to be making use of his cloak , which was well tucked away, under his arm, for a wing. In the evening besides music, we had consequences and a game at Witch, for prints again, of Edmund's giving this time & went to bed at midnight.

Weston   1850, October 26

After luncheon today we returned to Weston, with Nano to escort us & pay a visit at Weston. We find a good many people here, besides Papa & Lady B. & Lucy (who came back for Wiley to receive the Bristowes & the R. Capel Cures who went away just). There are the Bristowes & Orlando. We got home about 1/2 past 5 & Nano & I immediately walked to the Temple to put back a dove that we brought away from Knockin. The children are ducks. Poor Lina has been in bed most of the day with a bad cold & of course couldn't come down to dinner. We "sat a bit" with her.

Weston   1850, October 27

Sunday. Nothing particular. Lina came down in the evening.

Weston   1850, October 28

The Bristowes went away. A good deal of music both in the morning & evening. They rode those others & Lady B. & I went to Woodcote. Lady Louisa was out & we went on to Lilleshall Abbey to talk to people about poultry(?) women. Edmund came.

Weston   1850, October 29

They rode again & I walked with the children.

Weston   1850, October 30

A wet morning & the children down in the morning. Much stunt(?) with my "very nice fiddle" which they found me playing. Orlando had to go to Cotsbrook before he goes to Paris, so to prevent his going away "the jolly vicar" undertook to drive him over & bring him back again & Nano went too. Mary & I called at the rectory.

Weston   1850, October 31

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Leeke called.We burnt nuts in the drawingroom before dinner, being All Hallow'ean. They rode.