Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: November 1850

Weston   1850, November 12

Lord John Manners went away. The Bunsens too but not till after luncheon. I went down to the Rectory before breakfast to beg for last week's Punch. The greater part of between luncheon & break- fast was spent in watching Mr. Cheney take photographic drawings of the house, the temple & the sundial in the temple walk. The process is very curious. George came over again on his way back to Blythfield & Mr. Hollins came to put up Papa's bust, which I am afraid I must own I am disappointed in. I don't think it so like as the first clay was. In the afternoon two carriages full went to Boscobel & Chillington water. Mademoiselle Lunier(?), Georgey & Francey went. Lucy & I did not. Mr. & Mrs. Feilden dined here.

Weston   1850, November 13

Mr. Cheney went away, but not before he had nearly killed us with laughing over his descriptions & stories of the water cure & other subjects & given us a hopeful answer to a suggestion that he should give a ball at Badger in the winter. Before luncheon Lady B. & Lady E. Dickens & some of the gentlemen drove to Tong church. Lady Louisa Whitmore & two children & Miss Sophia W., a cousin, came to luncheon. Edmund arrived early in time to chaperon Lucy out riding. A disagreable day & cold.

Weston   1850, November 14

A cold fine frosty day. In the morning Mary & I went to call on Mrs. Wakefield & were accompanied in our walk by Edmund & Mr. W. Dickens. In the afternoon Lucy & Mary rode with Edmund & Mr. W. Dickens & Mr. & Lady E. Dickens, Lady B., Letty & I drove to Lilleshall Abbey again, for Lady Elizabeth to take the sketch of it. Mr. & Mrs. Orlando Forester came. Shrewsbury Infirmary & ball day.

Weston   1850, November 15

The Dickens's & Uncle Wolryche went away. Lady B. & Mrs. Forester, Mary & I went over to Preston Hospital which was in great order. Visited all the women but those that required a little wholesome nurishment after we had eaten the luncheon we had brought & ended by Lady B. giving a good rating to an old lady, who was sent for our purpose & who (far from receiving her ad....(?) weekly) screeched & jabbered as much as any parrot & at last emitted some cat like sounds, which made us to the rescue for fear she had flown at her or fastened her claws in her. Music in the evening.

Weston   1850, November 16

Edmund & Mr. & Mrs. Forester all went away. A very wet day but an hour or two fine in the afternoon. General & Mrs. Monckton(?) came to luncheon.

Weston   1850, November 18

Monday. A rainy day & didn't get out. The Newports came & Mr. & Lady Sarah Cholmondeley, Lord Powis, Lord Anson, Robert Clive & Collonel Forester. A game at bowls. Merry.

Weston   1850, November 19

A pouring wet day. Stormy & windy. No going out. the gentlemen went out shooting though all the same. The Georges came early in time for luncheon. A good deal of billiards went on all day, some romps with the children & started some squares(?) of a baltle(?) cover for Selina which I fell in love with, not that can make up my mind it will be a pretty whole but the little pieces(?) are very nice to do. Two games at bowls the first of which we (white) won by 16 to 2, stopping before the third & the other (the conquerer, as they had beat us the night before) the colours won but not by above 2. We kept the same parties as the night before except that Emily took Newport's ball. Some absurd scenes. Oh if one could only draw.

Weston   1850, November 20

Another dreadful day, but we most of us took a longish walk in the afternoon. The gentlemen were shooting in the White Sitch. Had a game at Pyramids & another at Bowls. White won by 15 to 9.

Weston   1850, November 21

Nobody went out shooting. Newport & George went out hunting. Lord Anson went away. Mr. Cholmondeley & Colonel Forester went out fishing (trolling) & caught two pike before luncheon. After luncheon a large party went out riding to Lilleshall & Lady B., Letty, Emily & I drove to Newport & shopped. Captain Cheney came & contributed enormously to the amusement of the evening. He surpassed himself & nearly killed us all. Much music, choruses.

Weston   1850, November 22

Laid up all day with a sick headache of the old sort, a much worse one than I have had for two years at least. I missed thereby much amusement (I am always unlucky in the days I have them bad), particularly the reading of Mrs. Ruddle Tod's famous correspondance with Colonel Forester. And the evening amusements which were acting Proverbs & a game at Post. Lord Powis & Robert Clive went away. The Cholmondeleys staid till late in the afternoon (as they were only going as far as Badger) that they might walk about & see a little about, which they had not been able to do for the wretched weather, bad enough today.

Weston   1850, November 23

Beauty went away, but not till he had accompanied a riding party to luncheon at Patshull. The rest followed after luncheon in a ponycarriage & Lady B. & I had a sober drive with Gerald & Katey. Quiet evening. Backgammon.

Weston   1850, November 24

Sunday - Mary's birthday. A stormy day. Some got a walk in the afternoon.

Weston   1850, November 25

The Newports went away & Colonel Forester. George went to a clergyman meeting at Broseley & came back. Two driving parties. Lady B., Letty, Lucy & Francey called on Mrs. Leeke. Emily, Mary, Georgey & I drove in Selina's pony carriage to Blymhill church to measure the alter & then round the White Sitch. A "power" of people came. Mr. & Lady Margaret Littleton, Sir Baldwin, Lady & Miss Leighton, Mr. Wrottesley, Mr. Cavendish Taylor, Edmund & Nano & Mr. John Brook. Miss Leighton sang. "She did indeed"!! & we sang & then had 2 games at bowls. Edmund is a support.

Weston   1850, November 26

A long day & weary. In the morning Lucy drove Lady & Mr. Littleton to Woodcote but they returned before luncheon. Lady Louisa Cotes didn't come down to them but they were received by Lady C. Harcourt. In the afternoon a large party rode, some walked & Emily, Miss Leighton & I took a drive. I showed them Tong church. A little music in the evening & much fun at Post. Also receiving people as somebody else fixed upon.

Weston   1850, November 27

Mr. & Lady Margaret Littleton, Mr. Wrottesley & Mr. Brook went away. There was a small party riding, a large party went to Boscobel & Emily, Lucy & I drove in Selina's pony- carriage to Somerford to call on Mary Drummond (I beg her pardon, Mrs. Richard Wellesley). We found no one at home but Mr. Monckton who spoke to us at the door & told us the ladies were gone to call at Weston & we had missed them by taking a short cut. However, we met coming home, & had a talk in the road. Orlando came & Mr. Burton Borough. A game at Post.

Weston   1850, November 28

The Leightons went away. Mr. Burton Borough & George went to hunt with the North Staffordshire hounds which met at Hinstock. Mr. Borough mounting George. It was a hardish frost. Some rode. Lucy & Emily drove to meet Selina, who came back today. I walked with the children. A musical morning. Mrs. & Miss & Mr. Nordale(?)Corbett dined here. A weary evening, enlivened only be some music.

Weston   1850, November 29

Mr. Burton Borough & Mr. Taylor went away. Katey Wright was sent home today too & the Georges went away.

Weston   1850, November 30

Edmund went away. General & Mrs. Monckton brought Mr. & Mrs. Wellesley to luncheon. When their carriage was ordered we started walking some of us towards Stretton with Mary Dulieballa(?) & got as the Wallery before the carriage overtook us.