Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: March 1850

Weston   1850, March 19

Tuesday. We went to Mr. Lanzelle, but it was such a dark day he could not see us so we were sent off till another day. Lady Bradford, Mary, & Letty went to a party at Lady Fremantle's, which they didn't enjoy.

London   1850, March 20

Went to the levee (which Prince Albert held for the Queen). We staid at home all day long, in the morning for Mr. Lucart who never came, & in the afternoon for the Drummonds & Emily & none of them came, so felt very ill-used. Aunt Selina & Selina, Mr. Bristowe, William Simpson, & Mr. G. Higginson dined here. Played & sang plenty.

London   1850, March 21

Selina B. came at 11 & we walked with her in Belgravia. Miss Baker also called & staid luncheon. Aunt Charles & Emily also lunched here. Papa, Lady B., Mary & I went to the old opera to hear Parodi & Sims Reeves in Ernani, & didn't like the opera, but did like Parodi whom I hadn't heard before, & Sims Reeves was particularly good in his part. The ballet was capital, Les Metamorphoses, a new one. Very amusing & full of story. Carlotta Grisi charming. Marie Taglioni very good too & all the &c's of it. It lasted very late.

London   1850, March 22

Mrs. Dundas lunched here. Eleanor & Frederic Murray called, & Lord James Murray just as we were on the point of starting to the dentist. Mr. Lanzelle gave me excrucuating pain for the rest of the day.

London   1850, March 23

Mr. Smart. At 12 o'clock Lady B., Mary & Letty went to Ham to see Tom's children who are there just now & did not come back till late in the afternoon. Lucy & I walked in the afternoon with Lina to see her home in Ecclestone Square. Mary & I dined with Aunt Selina & Mr. Bristowe was there. Papa, Lady B., Lucy & Letty went to the Covent Garden Opera to hear Der Freyshutz.

London   1850, March 25

Monday. Had our first lesson of Mr. Leitch. Spent an unsatisfactory afternoon - everybody waiting for everybody. I waited an hour & a half for Mr. Lanzelle & came away at last without seeing him. Newport lunched here & dined here.

London   1850, March 26

Mr. Smart an early lesson. Newport was with us a little while this morning. Spent a lot of time at Mr. Lanzelle's, who put me to tortures & did lots of business.

Weston   1850, March 27

Lina called soon after breakfast. So now we have seen Selina Bridgeman for the last time. We made a cold uncomfortable journey to Weston & found snow on the ground, a freezing house, & nothing advanced since we left it a fortnight ago, out of doors. Came in a wretched omnibus & 4 from Wolverhampton, but that was a degree better than the break which had been se....ld(?).

Weston   1850, March 28

Found the thermometer had been down to 3 degrees while we have been away this last fortnight. We sat awhile at the Rectory.

Weston   1850, March 29

Good Friday. Orlando came over to breakfast here & stayed till after afternoon service.

Weston   1850, March 30

Lady Louisa Cotes came over to luncheon. Johnny came.

Weston   1850, March 31

Easter Sunday. Mr. Feildens called after church.