Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: October 1851

Weston   1851, October 19

Sunday. Mrs. Feilden came to see Lucy. Mrs. Salt taken to the Infirmary rooms, for fear it should prove an infectious fever.

Weston   1851, October 21

Tuesday. Papa went to a meeting at Brewood. Lady B., Letty & I drove with Emily to Shiffnal station. I went up with her to see the last of her. Very low at her going.

Weston   1851, October 22

Newport rode over from Willey. Hardly saw him, for he only came just as we were hurrying through luncheon to go to the White Sitch which was being fished. The children came down to it. In the first haul there were some very large pike, one weighed 25 lbs. I walked home with the boys.

Weston   1851, October 24

Lady B. & I drove to Summer Hill, but did not find Mrs. Clement Hill at home. Letty not very well, nor yesterday.

Weston   1851, October 27

Monday. Mlle Lunier went today for a short ..(?). I walked with Papa from the White Sitch having been taken there in the carriage. Lady B. & Letty drove to Newport & meeting Lady Boughey in a shop they went on to Aqualate & had some tea.

Weston   1851, October 28

Papa, Lady B. & Letty went over to Patshull early to see a pool(?) fished & have luncheon. Lord Dartmouth & 3 of the Legges were there, besides several people from round about. I went to Cotsbrook to luncheon. Aunt Selina, Orlando & the Bristowes were there. I was free & so happy that I just enjoyed it, but forgot all the things I had to say. Had to come away puntually at 1/2 past 3. Lucy had the children to amuse her.

Weston   1851, October 29

Frances, Louisa & Beatrix Legge rode over to luncheon from Patshull. Lucy saw Frances. I sat sometimes at the Rectory.

Weston   1851, October 30

Mrs. Clement Hill & Miss Emily Hill called together. When they were gone, Lady B. drove Letty & me to the White Sitch, dropt us there & we walked home. Mrs. & Miss Hope came.

Weston   1851, October 31

Papa went again to a meeting at Brewood. George took over & gave the Sacrament to Lucy, & me with er. Mary came back. My turn for a holiday is coming soon. Hurrah.