Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: November 1851

Loton   1851, November 12

The Rosses were to have gone away today, but Mr. Ross was not well enough. I half expect to find them still here on our return. Uncle Charles & Orlando went away. Frances Louisa & Beatrix Legge rode over to luncheon from Patshull. Papa, Letty & I went to Loton for the Shrewsbury ball & Lady B. was not well enough to go, the result of her fall down stairs last week. We posted, took our horses to Atcham Bridge, & were there met by Salop horses to take us the rest of the way, & our horses went on quietly to Alberbury to be of use to us next day. There are staying at Loton, Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton Russell, Mr. Dod senior & junior, Mr. Andrew Boughton, & Mr. Parker. A game at the race course in the evening & a little music.

Loton   1851, November 13

We all went in to the Infirmary meeting. Archdeacon Allen preached, Mr. Mainwairing was treasurer, & there was a very good collection. The plates were held by Lady Wrottesley & Lord Seaham, Miss Leighton & Mr. Reginald Corbet of Adderley. Lady W. held it instead of Lady Bradford who was to have done it. I met lots of belongings which was very pleasant. We rested the remainder of the afternoon. It was a capital ball, or else, I was in a good frame of mind for a ball. At all counts I enjoyed it extremely, & thought it a much better ball than there has been for the last several years. Newport was president, Sir Watkin vice president.

Loton   1851, November 14

Tried very hard but in vain to get over to Rowton which I was very anxious to do, to see Selina & Emily. Had a lovely walk instead. It was a very fine day, & the sunset beautiful. We walked over the church, the park, & into Wales, to see the "Prince's oak". The Hamiltons & Mr. Parker gone, the 2 Mr. Dod's never came back after the ball. A very dull evening, a little music & looked at all Lady Leighton's book of portraits.

Weston   1851, November 15

Came home. Started early that we might get home in reasonable time for luncheon. Shopped in Salop but saw nobody we knew. Find the Rosses only went yesterday.

Weston   1851, November 17

Monday. Mary & I called at the Rectory, & saw there Mr. & Mrs. Mcanally (?) , & were much struck with Mr. M's good looks! Lucy came down stairs to luncheon for the first time.

Weston   1851, November 18

Mr. Feilden called on Lucy in the morning.

Weston   1851, November 20

Thursday. The children went to Melton. A wretchedly cold day for their journey. Has been severe frost for some days. Charlotte & Isabella Simpson came.

Weston   1851, November 22

I had a bad headache & was in bed all day.

Weston   1851, November 24

Monday. Lady B. & Charlotte Simpson went to luncheon at Somerford & called at Stretton afterwards. Isabella Simpson & Mary drove in the afternoon to Woodcote.

Weston   1851, November 25

The Blymhill women came about their clothing. I had to do it with Mrs. Burress, neither of us knowing anything about it. Lady B.'s cold very bad. She did not leave her bed all day & had a sister(?) on. Mary & I sat at the Rectory & fetched Letty's canary.

Weston   1851, November 26

General & Mrs. Monckton & Mr. & Mrs. Feilden dined here. Isabella Simpson, Mary & I went after dinner to Neachill to a dance. We got there very early & Mrs. Holyoake took us up to her room where we sat sometime with her & Mrs. Fitzhay(?). Mrs. H. "cherished" Mary very much. For some time dancing did not begin, & for some time after was not very spirited. But after supper the servants all came in & danced a country dance. & afterwards we danced again. Spirits rose gradually, & by 1/2 past 1 were at a very high degree, & there was a most animated Pop goes the Weasel. We came away about 2 o'clock. Left people going to play at Post.

Weston   1851, November 27

Mr. George Monckton & Miss M. had luncheon here. Mr. & Mrs. Leeke called.

Weston   1851, November 28

Isabella Simpson & Mary drove to Neachill & had a gossip with Mrs. Holyoake. I had a headache.

Weston   1851, November 30

Sunday. Lucy was twice(?) at church & came down to dinner.