Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: February 1851

Thorpe   1851, February 19

Breakfasted rather earlier & then went out (in Captain Inge's new carriage that has a seat on the top) with the Captain, to see the hounds meet. I forget where, but at somebody's house who is like Punch. We saw several people we knew there & when the hounds threw off we followed along roads & lanes & saw a good deal of the hunting. We came home to luncheon (& Miss Mompson(?) & Miss Grasley(?) had luncheon here) & afterwards we drove to see a very pretty old church, very near (Clifton church) & walked home. Mr. & Mrs. Colville & Mr. Russell dined here. A little music again & a game at the Witch. Which(?) going on each night.

Weston   1851, February 20

We left Thorpe soon after 12 & came home by railroad. At Tamworth Station where we got on, we met Mr. Corbet looking so ill & wretched that his face has haunted us both ever since. Getting out at the Newport Station we saw Annie Childe.

Weston   1851, February 21

Letty came back & Helen & Mrs. Hooper came with her. Lady B. went to meet them at Shiffnal Station. I drove with her as far as the Tong Lodge, did some business with Miss Adams & walked home by the quarry, obelisk & Temple Walk. A most heavenly day. In the evening music (Mrs. Hooper plays beauti- fully) & a game at the Witch.

Weston   1851, February 22

Helen & Mrs. Hooper went away in the afternoon. Lucy & I went to Willey to fetch Mary home. Orlando was there too. The thoughts in our minds topics of conservation so all-absorbing that I brought back with me things I had taken for Emily having completely forgotten any trifling subject. Were home soon after 5. Mary had to have another talk with Papa, which I hope puts an end to all further sad things & discomfort.

Weston   1851, February 25

Tuesday. Mr. & Mrs. G. Whitmore called & had luncheon here. We made it a visiting day in the village.

London   1851, February 26

Came to London.

London   1851, February 27

Walked in the square in the morning. Letty walked with Papa in the afternoon. The rest of us did a world of business, shopping & paying bills & ended with a comfortable chat with Lina in her nice little home & tea.

London   1851, February 28

Called on Aunt Selina in the morning but she couldn't see us. She & Lina called in the afternoon and Lady Harriet Suttie. Did a world more business & saw the Dioramas, one of Mount Etna not good, the other the Castle of Stolzenfels was pretty. Many walked.