Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: March 1851

London   1851, March 19

Miss Baker called. It was too bad with headache & influenza to do anything. The others drove & saw a sculptors beautiful thing for the Great Exhibition, Stevens by name. Lord J. Manners had men- tioned them the other day as very beautiful. I had tea & Letty with me.

London   1851, March 20

A lovely day. I took a constitutional in the park with Papa in the morning & met everybody doing the same. Papa, Lady B., Letty & Mary went to a party at Lady Jerseys.

London   1851, March 21

The rest went to church in the morning. I went out walking afterwards with Lady B. & Letty in the park & coming home, Letty & I called on Lady Charles Clinton & saw one of the nicest of little children. Had a dinner party consisting of Mr. & Lady C. Egerton, Mr. & Lady E. Russell, Mr. Milbanke, Lady Bateman & Miss Hanbury, Colonel Hunter Blair & Mr. Blackburne. The two last were put in the last day to fill the places of Lord Milton, Lord Henry Loftus & Mr. Dalrymple who had sent late excuses. Tried to get Orlando for a third, but he couldn't come. Mary & I had tea & Miss Baker with us. She came to the party in the evening. There was another party here as last Friday, only it didn't seem to me to do so well. So many people seemed to know nobody. Mr. Holmes played & Miss Messent sang. I had not heard her before, but like her singing. Of(?) amateurs we played a little & Miss Packe sang beautifully. Mr. Bagot surprised us by walking in unannounced at luncheon time & of course we made him come in the evening.

London   1851, March 22

Mr. Leitch never came. Henrietta Clive came at luncheon. She came early & drew first. We went in the afternoon to the Private View of the Suffolk Steel Exhibition. Saw several people we knew & some good pictures, particularly some figures by Hurlstone. Went to the Opera, the old one which opened today. We had a double box & all went, Sir George Walker & Orlando having the two spare tickets. Heard Mademoiselle Duprey in Lucia di Lammermoor. A pretty singer, but her voice very thin though sweet. She is very young & it may improve if she does not use it too much, but I can't help thinking I shall always like her better in a room. She does not act well yet, but did the last act best. Colzolari was Edgardo & sang well, but I never can like anybody in that part after Mario. Altogether I came away feeling I had heard lovely music, but better sung before. There was a very pretty & amusing ballet with a good story & pretty music, called L'ile des Amours, full of sheperds & shepherdesses & people in hoops(?) & powder & altogether great fun.

London   1851, March 23

Sunday. Neither Lucy nor I went to church. I had a headache as usual after the opera. After morning church Papa & Mary walked to Hill St. & called on Lady Lewisham. A rainy afternoon.

London   1851, March 24

Robert Clive came to luncheon by appointment & went with us to see the Min..ek(?) curiosities in the British Museum. We had just comfortable time to see them but no more, for we were turned out at 4 o'clock. We then went to Westminster Abbey & went all over it. Lucy did not go, but Papa did. We left the two gentlemen to walk home from the Abbey. Uncle Charles came. Did not go out at night but there was a party at Lady Fremantle's we could have gone to.

London   1851, March 25

Mr. Leitch. Mrs. Cradock called. Papa & I went to Mr. Imrie & afterwards Mary & I went & had a cup of tea & an hours chat with Selina Bristowe. Papa & Lady B. dined with the Charles Clintons.

London   1851, March 26

Letty had luncheon with Lady Charles Clinton. Johnny came for the dance tonight. We walked in the park with Uncle C. & Johnny. Papa, Lady B. & Lucy dined with Sir J. & Lady Anne Mackenzie & came back early. We had a dance in the dining room that went off well, was kept up late & we all enjoyed it very much. I never was so tired in my life & hardly sat down an instant the whole time. Nearly 1/2 past 3 before the last people went.

London   1851, March 27

Miss Baker came. Lady Francis Russell called. I took a walk in the park in the morning with Johnny who went back to Cambridge in the evening. When the others went out driving, I went to bed for 2 hours. I was so ill with tire & got up in time to dress to go & dine with the Fremantles.

London   1851, March 28

Letty had a 2nd sitting for her picture. Eleanor Murray called. Some of ....(?) went to church. Immediately after luncheon Uncle Charles walked with Mary & me to Upper Grosvenor St. where he left us at Lord Tweeddales door & we had a pleasant chat with Jane & Julia Hay & Lord John about old square days &c. We then called on Mrs. Simpson & saw some beautiful drawings. Then went to a shop & came home. Lady El..(?) & Miss Charteris called after we came in & Aunt Selina & Lina. Had a dinner party, consisting of Sir Andrew & Lady Corbet & Miss Corbet, Sir Thomas & Lady Fremantle, Sir John & Lady Yarde Buller & Miss Y.B., Sir Thomas Cochrane, Captain Mac- Donald & Orlando. Miss Corbet sang.

London   1851, March 29

Mr. Leitch. Went to the Opera. Heard Auber's Gustave. Pretty light music most of it, with a beautiful overture. Does not nearly come up to Masaniello, but having heard it only once it is hardly fair to give such a judgement. I can fancy it might be made much more of. It is not a suitable part for Calzolari, who does the hero, though in his part there is some pretty music. Lorenzo who acts the assassin seamed to me the best suited to his part of anybody. Madame Fiorentini does the principal Lady & has a nice voice, but her part on the whole has some ugly music in it. Mademoiselle Feller sang for the first time; her part was a sybil or witch or something between the two. Has a good contratto voice & I liked her. Mademoiselle Duprey acted the page & in the last act, in which she has a great deal to do, she sang beautifully. I wish she had a little greater volume of voice. Some of the choruses are very pretty & there is some very pretty dancing in which Carlotta Grisi appeared; at the bal masqué. Orlando had our 8th ticket. It had been offered to both Lord Ingestre & Captain MacDonald, who had already got some. They both & lots of other friends paid us visits in our box. They dawdled so before beginning & between the acts, that it wasn't over till nearly 12. So we came away without waiting for the bit of ballet that was going to be.

London   1851, March 30

Sunday. Mr. Blackburne & Robert Herbert both came to luncheon. Mary called with Papa on the Bishop & Lady Harriet Bagot. Dudley Pelham called. In the afternoon Uncle Charles & I went to St. Pauls & Papa, Lucy & Mary went to the Chapel Royal. Meanwhile Jane & Lord John Hay called & walked in the square with me. Uncle Charles dined out.

London   1851, March 31

We three called on Blanche Dupplin in the morning. Then we left Mary at home & Uncle C. went with Lucy & me to Selina Bristowe where we had luncheon. When we came back we found Lord Hill & Mr. Philip Hill calling here. Then we three & Uncle Charles took the carriage as far as Ursula's, who is on her way between Brighton & Grimston. We thought her looking thin & ill. Lucy & Mary were fetched away soon, but I staid some time & walked home with Uncle Charles. Nice pretty little baby. Papa, Lady B. & Mary dined with the Clives & went to a party at Lady Fremantles. Uncle C. dined out.