Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: April 1851

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 19

Easter Eve. Johnny went over to Weston & back to fetch a variety of things. Nano came. Mr. Bagot lunched here & we took him back on our way to Sutton Park where we took a drive. Lucy & Mary rode & met a party of Legges & Calthorpes by appointment.

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 20

Easter Sunday. Lovely hot day, like summer. The boys walked to Pype in the afternoon.

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 21

We practised shooting a little in the morning. Frances & Edward Legge came, very soon after luncheon & we all shot again till 5 o'clock. Lord Newark had also come by that time & after a little tea we went & rutalised(?) the Castle Hill picking wild flowers. Sir George Walker came. Papa & Lady B. did business in Birmingham. We called on Mrs. Kempson. Sang & played at witch in the evening.

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 22

Practised choruses in ;the morning & went to lunch at Pype & shoot & there was a party from Sandwell(?) & a party from Percy(?) also. Louisa Legge got the prize. Vingt-un in the evening.

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 23

In the morning practised shooting & choruses. Thunder. In the afternoon a party rode. Papa, Lady B., & I started on a drive & met Mr. Bagot coming to us to dine & sleep, made him come into our carriage & drive with us. We drove past the new Roman Catholic Church at Erdington to look at it & then to Saltley to see Mr. Adderley's new church but we couldn't get inside as service was going on. Then we walked on to the training school now building & went all over it. It is very handsome outside. Lord Dartmouth came to dinner, but wouldn't stay. Music.

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 24

Lord Newark went away early. Frances & Edward Legge & Mr. Bagot staid till after luncheon & then went away. Sir George Walker was going but found he could stay another day. We shot in the morning. After luncheon there was a riding party to Sutton Park. Lucy & I walked down to the station to meet the Newports, children & Mademoiselle Lunier(?), who came today. I mad a "solemn vow" to somebody, who cannot ... .... (?)me as she thinks, but it was rash of me. Never mind. I did it with my eyes open. I must keep "walking on stilso"(?). Singing in the evening.

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 25

Had a little shooting in the morning & a little singing. Sir George Walker went in the afternoon. Some rode, some drove & Lucy & I undertook the two eldest boys & we went to the Castle Hill to gather wild flowers. Robert Herbert came. Witch.

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 26

An unpromising morning with heavy showers of rain & amused ourselves as well as we could with "battedore l..(?)" &C. As it cleared we started soon after one o'clock on another luncheon & shooting expedition at Pype. We all went from here but Lady B. (who called at Pype later & brought Francey with her) & we took George. Nobody else came to luncheon , but a huge party of Legges came afterwards & Mr. Hartopp. It was dreadfully cold shooting & we were driven in early by a shower of rain. Mrs. Harris feasted us all on tea & bread & butter & we returned carrying off Mr. Bagot. A game at vingt-un.

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 27

Sunday. Mr. Bagot went away immediately after morning church. In the afternoon we took a long & adventurous walk into Worcestershire cowslip gathering. Had to climb over odd places & cross the river & got very wet.

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 28

We went an immense party to luncheon at Sandwell. All the party (except Newport & Nano who are both gone away) including Georgey, 10 of us. Some riding, some driving. It was a cold showery day but we made the most of it. The riders changed to go & come back & were accompanied part of the way home by 6 or 7 Legges. We walked about the shrubberies. Mademoiselle Lunier(?) went away with Newport. Mr, Mrs & Mary Kempson dined here.

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 29

A very wet morning, fine afternoon. Lady B. & Letty drove to Birmingham. Lucy, Mary, Robert Herbert & Johnny rode & met the Legges at Oscott & called at Pype. Selina & I walked with the children & took them to see the Kempsons. Charlotte, Isabella & Emily Simpson came.

Castle Bromwich   1851, April 30

Johnny went to London on his way back to Cambridge. Robert Herbert also went away. Lady B. & Charlotte Simpson drove to Birmingham. We all (the rest) went cowslip gathering again into Worcestershire & the children with us.