Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: October 1852

Weston   1852, October 19

The rest of the wedding party assembled. Such a quantity. Lady Powis, Lucy & Harriet, George & Robert Herbert & Lord Powis, Sir W. & Lady W. Wynn, Sir John & Lady Sarah Williams, Uncle Charles, Agnes, Isabel, Leila & Edmund (poor Gertrude is too ill to come and Aunt C. has staid away to take care of her). Uncle Wolryche, Mr. Bagot & Willy Clive, Victoria & Mademoiselle Tellenbach also came & had dinner & tea here & then went off to their quarters at Ivelsey bank without waiting for the evening. Robert & Mary's healths were drunk at dinner & Robert made a very pretty speech after it, but was very nervous - no wonder. Mademoiselle Lunier came down in the evening. A great part of the evening was spent by a great part of the company upstairs in our sittingroom examining Mary's presents of which she has now received upwards of 40. Some of the later ones are very handsome.

Weston   1852, October 20

Mary & Robert were married. The Bristows came to the marriage from Somerford. It was a lovely day. We all walked in grand procession to & from church & there were crowds of people both in church & out come from far & wide, many came from Shiffnal to see it. Mary went through it all very well & spoke out. After it was over Robert made all the 10 brides- maids a present of a locket with Mary's hair in it. They were Henriette, Mary & Victoria Cive, Lucy & Harriet Herbert, Agnes & Isabel, Letty, Lucy & me. The newly married people went away at one o'clock. They went to Hewell. Before luncheon the weddingcake was brought into the drawingroom & all we maids & bachelors drew for the ring. Johnny got it, which is most omenous, for we got it in the last twelfth cake. At luncheon we had a great many toasts both serious & amusing. Sir Watkin made a seolemn speech & proposed the health of Mrs. John Bridgeman who was so shortly to appear in the family circle & assured us we should find her both beautiful & amiable. There were more amusing speeches before we broke up. The Bristows went away soon after & at 5 o'clock we all made our way to the malthouse, where all the labourers were having a dinner, presided over by Davidson who gave the toasts & there was immense cheering & Mr. Clive & Papa both made them speeches. We afterwards went to see the women to(?) tea but were too late. Mr. & Mrs. & Miss Feilden dined here. The boys staid till dinner time. Mademoiselle Lunier came down again. Part of the party played at Vingtun, but not me.

Weston   1852, October 21

Mr. Clive & Lady Harriet already have letters from Robert & Mary. Helen went away & Lord Powis & Sir Watkin & Lady Whynn & Newport also. A rainy, or at last damp, foggy day. Yesterday was beautiful. One party drove to Woodcote in the afternoon. Another party to Tong. I walked with the 3 cousins & Miss Baker. First I went to see Anne Bray, poor girl, she does not look as if she could live many weeks. Afterwards we went to see Jenny(?) Clayton. & Nanny Jones. The latter gave me a long lecture on the delights of matrimony, which something I said made her think I was "averse to". Another game at Vingtun, but I did not play.

Weston   1852, October 22

Sir John & Lady Sarah Williams went away & Mary & Victoria Clive & Mademoiselle Tellenbach, also Willy, George & Emily went to Willey to see their children & Lucy to see Selina & they took with them Lucy & Harriet & Robert Herbert & Henrietta Clive. Lady B., Lady Powis, Lady H. Clive, Letty & George Herbert went to Badger to luncheon & the latter was left there. They were in the coach & driving 4 in hand & lost themselves in green lanes at Patshull coming home! It looks very grand to turn out two carriages & 4. It was a rainy, foggy day & I did not go out. The cousins & I romped with the children, which with billiards gave us plenty of exercise. Another game at Vingtun. I did play.

Weston   1852, October 23

I & some few others got up in time to see Mr. Clive, Lady H. & Henrietta before they started at 1/4 before 9. There was a grand dispersion of almost everybody today. Uncle C. & the cousins, Edmund, Uncle Wol- ryche, Mr. Bagot, Lady Powis, L. & H. Herbert, George Clive & Robert Herbert. Johnny also went to Cambridge & George went to Willey. The children came back into the house. I am afraid there can be little doubt that George has got the hoopingcough. After luncheon Lady B., Letty & I drove to Neachill & took Mrs. Holyoake some of Mary's wedding- cake. Lucy, Emily & Miss Baker went out in Selina's ponycarriage for a little drive, lost themselves & did not come back till after the dressing-bell had rung. All tired & sleepy - to bed early.

Weston   1852, October 24

Sunday. Lovely day. Gathered acorns ! children to help.

Weston   1852, October 25

Emily & I started at 10 o'clock in Selina's pony carriage for Willey. We left them at the rim at Coalport expecting to find Emily's ponies waiting for us on the other side of the bridge, but they had not expected us to early & we had a hot walk up the hill & all nearly the way to Broseley, well loaded, before we met the carriage. Emily left me at the big house & went on herself to the rectory. She came back to luncheon & afterwards she & Selina & I walked down to the Rectory to see the children. We had to stop late as we particu- larly wished to bring George back with us & he had Mr. Street with him (the architect who is doing up Bascow church). So that we did not leave Willey till past 5, or got home till seven o'clock, but we came quickly. It was a wretched evening. It had been alternately fine & showery in the morning, but how it did felt as we came home!

Weston   1852, October 26

It rained the whole of today as it rained yesterday evening. The Newports came & Lord & Lady Ruthven, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Whitmore & Mr. & Mrs. Gatacre. Letty & Miss Baker had tea.

Weston   1852, October 27

Fine morning but afternoon turned to hopeless rain, so that all thoughts of driving were given up. I pedigree'd, arms-hunted, or read my ancestors letters all day. Mrs. & Miss Cludde called. Mr. H. Clive of Styche came. Miss Baker & I had tea.

Weston   1852, October 28

The Henry Whitmore's & Gatacres & Mr. H. Clive went away. Miss Baker's visit also came to an end & she went to the Rectory for a few days. The Town Pool was drown. Mr. Wrottesley came. Mrs. Holyoake dined here.

Weston   1852, October 29

Selina & George went over to Willey to luncheon. Newport & Mr. Wrottesley went to Chillington to see the new militia men practise. Mr. Gifford having lent them ground there to practise on. Sir Thomas & Lady Boughey dined here. I had a headache & staid upstairs in the(?) ..(?)

Weston   1852, October 30

Mr. Wrottesley went away. Papa, George & Emily went to Birmingham about eyes & teeths. Mr. Middlemore gives a very good opinion of George, though he certainly sees no better at all yet. Mr. & Mrs. Leeke(?) called. Selina drove Lady Ruthven, Letty & me in her pony carriage to Boscobel & then to Neachill. Mrs. Holyoake not at home.

Weston   1852, October 31

Sunday. Newport went away in the afternoon to Melton.