Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: November 1852

Weston   1852, November 19

Lucy & I spent the morning shopping with George & Emily in a Brougham to ourselves. Johnny also went with us till we had found a wedding present for Lilly Gunning which we clubbed together for. In the course of our morning we called on Mary. L. & I had luncheon with the Newports. In the afternoon Johnny went back to Cambridge & Mary called for L. & me so we were together to call on the Herberts who were at home. It rained so by that time that we had to be dropped at home & give up all idea of going to Ecclestone Square as we wished, or to Wilton Crescent. Mary & Robert dined with us again & George & Emily looked in. How lovely that yesterday was so fine. Today was all fog & drizzle.

Weston   1852, November 20

We came back to Weston. Another foggy day & quite rainy. We found the floods though considerably bated, but our dangerous bridge still insecure. The crowds leaving London today more than rivalled those going up on Tuesday. Quantities of people we knew. Found all the boys better of the hooping cough.

Weston   1852, November 21

Sunday. Rain, still rain.

Weston   1852, November 22

I had a headache & did not dine.

Weston   1852, November 25

Thursday. Selina & the Georges came. The former we did not expect till this morning. He has come to see after the children & hoopingcough, for Gerald & Rowland continue baddish. They came by Birmingham for George to see Mr. Middlemore again. His eye has made no progress in the last fortnight, not even in Mr. M.'s hopeful light.

Weston   1852, November 26

George & Emily went to Willey. A rainy day again, but cleared for an hour or two in the afternoon & Selina drove Lucy & me in the ponycarriage to Shiffnal to try & get a today's paper, for we are most anxious about the debate that is going on & which, if it ends unfavourably, will turn Lord Derby out. But after all there was no division, the debate had adjourned & we are none the wiser. We found a teadrinking going on under one of the arches of the railroad bridge in honour of Mr. Cunliffe (*) (the new vicar's) marriage. We brought home his bride yesterday. We found Miss Brooke & Miss Corbett, of Aston, there going to s.....ed(?) it, I fancy.

Weston   1852, November 27

Selina, Lucy & I drove to Newport to get a today's paper, the news in which rejoiced our hearts. For in the division there was a majority of 80 for the Ministers. We called at Semmer(?) Hill & for a wonder(?) found Mrs. Clement Hill at home.

Weston   1852, November 29

Monday. Frosty at last. The Blymhill women came about their clothes. Otherwise we should have gone over to Willey today.

Weston   1852, November 30

Papa, Lady B., Lucy & letty went to Acton Reynald for the Shrewsbury ball. Selina & I went over to Willey rectory for Luncheon. We started about 1/2 past 10 & the cold was bitter, but a lovely day. After luncheon we walked up to the house & paid Mrs. Lighthand a visit. George walked on to Broseley & Emily went there with us in the ponycarriage & we stopped some 1/2 of an hour at Mr. O. Forester's door talking to him. Selina & I very sung in the evening.