Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: March 1852

Torquay   1852, March 19

Church day. Dr. Scoresby. After church Papa, Uncle C. & I called on Lady Alicia Bristowe & Lady G. Needham & found them at home. Miss Hope & Helen had luncheon with us. Afterwards Lady B. & Miss Hope & Papa drove. Helen, Letty, Lucy & Mary walked & madrepored at the Bathing Cove, while Uncle C. & I walked to Bishopstowe (for the Admiral to leave his card), to Anstey's Cove & over the Hill to Ilsam, then home. After dinner we 3 & Letty went to Mrs. Hope's where the Wrights, Sir Culling & Miss Eardley, & Mr. Smithwick were dining the two Mrs. Moncys came in the evening. Mrs. W. Moncy sang very well. We also sang & played.

Torquay   1852, March 20

Helen, Lucy & Letty took a basket of sandwiches with them & went early to Oddicombe to sketch & madrepore. Lady B. drove there in the afternoon & picked up Letty, while Helen & Lucy did all sorts of things & among others were regaled with tea & bread & butter by the Miss Phillpotts. Meanwhile Papa, Uncle C., Mary & I took an immense walk (at the lowest computation 5 miles) up Warberry & round above Bishopstowe & Anstey's Cove, thro' Ilsam & Hopes Farms to Hope's Nose & home past Mr. Dickens (?) house & above Hesketh Crescent. Lovely day & warmer than lately. Home latish to luncheon & M. & I never stirred from our sofas again. I feel done up. Mrs. & Miss Hope dined here. Played at Vingt un.

Torquay   1852, March 21

Sunday. I did not go to church or out all day. The Wrights dined here, as usual.

Torquay   1852, March 22

They all, including the Wrights made an expedition to Totnes, starting at 12 o'clock. I remained at home, & Miss Hope came & had luncheon with me. In the afternoon we went out walking, first to a house in Vaughan Parade, where we picked up Mrs. Hope. Then she took me in her donkey chair & we went to Land's End, & then to the Upper entrance to the Park Hill walk, where we got out. We walked up it & Mrs. Hope went straight down, her donkey chair meeting her the other side, while Miss Hope & I remained some time at the top, I sketching, & walked home. The Hopes & Wrights dined here. Played at Commerce. Lovely day still, sunny & hot.

Torquay   1852, March 23

Had an appointment to be at Upton church to hear the organ played at 10 o'clock this morning. Lucy & Mary walked there & I had a donkey chair, in which I gave Letty a lift to Fountain Villa, & took up Miss Hope who was breakfasting with the Wrights before they started. We found Mr. Wolffe as well as Mr. Geddy at the church, & a lady, Mrs. Smith, who sang with verdure clad(?), &c. to Mr. Geddy's accompaniment. Mr. Geddy played the Dead Mar..(?) ..(?) & several other things beautifully. It was very enjoyable sitting listening to the lovely music in the fine large empty church. We then went to the school & Mr. Wolfe went with us. The boys quickness at arithmetic is startling. The school mistress is Mrs. Rowe's sister. Lucy & Mary then went with Miss Hope to her working society, & I walked home alone. Miss Elliott called. After luncheon Lady B., we 3 & Mrs. Hope drove to the Goodrington sands, & then to Churston Ferrers & home. Lovely day. Quite hot. Brilliant colouring.

Torquay   1852, March 24

I had a bad headache & remained in bed all the morning. The others most of them went to church in the morning & drove to Harecombe in the afternoon. I spent the afternoon basking in the sun either on the balcony or in Lady Dashwood's garden. Lovely day again. Miss Hope called. Letty & I had tea.

Torquay   1852, March 25

Early Papa, Uncle C., Lucy & Mary went by railroad to Teignmouth & took a fly to Dawlish where they walked about & saw the house Papa & the Simpsons were in long ago, & then drove back to Teignmouth. Lady B. & I after an early luncheon drove to Teignmouth where we walked on the sands till the others came. We all came home together, Papa & Uncle C. riding, (for the horses had been taken there to meet them). We stopped at an odd place they call Labrador, another of the queer bold creeks about this coast. Cold day but fine.

Torquay   1852, March 26

We 3 took luncheon in a basket, & at 12 o'clock set out on a madreporing expedition to the Ogwell quarries. We picked up Miss Hope & Mr. Widger. We stopped first at a quarry where we picket a lot of the pink star, a lovely view from it, then we went on to one for the larger black feather, where we had to pick as fast as we could to make off before the owner arrived to stop us. The only difficulty was which bits to pick up, for there was such quantities. We went to one other quarry for some but were not so successful there. Mrs. & Miss Hope & Mr. Wolfe dined here. Made music.

Torquay   1852, March 27

Lunched early & drove & rode to Brixham & Berry Head, stopping at Churston Ferrers on the way & going into the old house. Disappointed in Barry Head.

Torquay   1852, March 28

Sunday. Lucy, Letty & I staid between services at Mrs. Hope's.

Torquay   1852, March 29

Uncle Charles went away. Miss Hope lunched here. Lady B. lunched with Mrs. Hope. Very rainy day, did not go out. Papa dined at Bishopstowe.

Torquay   1852, March 30

Showery day but so warm & spring later. At 10 o'clock we 3 were at the church to hear Mr. Gedye(?) again play the organ & Mrs. Smith was also there & sang several things. Miss Hope & Mr. Wolfe were also there. We staid for the service & then went out to Mrs. Hope's, where our music had been taken, & Mrs. Moncy & Mr. & Mrs. William Moncy also came there. The two former did not stay very long, but Mrs. W. Moncy did, & we sang & she sang & we sang together. Letty joined us there, & when luncheon time came Mary & I left the party & came home to eat with Lady B. Papa was out riding nearly all day with a sandwich in his pocket. After luncheon Lady B. picked up Letty & Lucy & they took a drive & called on the Miss Elliotts. Mary & I walked to Daddy's Hole & Meadfoot. Mrs. Hope dined here. Miss Hope was not well & couldn't come.

Torquay   1852, March 31

Church Day. Mr. Wolff. Letty staid to lunch with Miss Hope. After luncheon the carriage took us three to the farthest end of the New Cut, & we walked round it & home. Saw an animal in the sea. We call it a sea serpent. Warm day, but sunless. Papa, Lady B., Letty & Miss Hope drove to Compton Castle. They also went up St. Michaels.