Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: May 1852

London   1852, May 1

Mr. O. Gunning called in the morning about riding in the afternoon. A most unfortunate ride, which he seemed to dread quite as if he had a presentiment about it. Lucy & Papa did ride in the Park with him & Di & after they had left him Mr. Gunning & Di rode on a while & in coming home at Albert Gate an omnibus alarmed Mr. Gunning's horse, a hired thing which fell back with him & upon him, & severely hurt him. Poor Di was quite alone with him, but Lord Colville & several people offered to do anything for her. He was carried into the chemist's shop close by till they could get a cab & get him home. Lord Colville went & broke it to Mrs. Gunning. The docters cannot tell at all whether there is hope, but while there is life there is hope. The horse did severe injury to a street sweeper too. Mr. Gunning received a dreadful kick on the stomach, & they cannot tell how deep it is or what internal injury he has received. We did not hear all this till after we returned from the Opera, when we found a note from Sir G. Walker, who had called a little before to tell the latest report. In the morning Mary & Letty had gone to Mrs. Murray's to be tried on for the Court Ball. I had walked in the square & met Lady Downe. In the afternoon Mary went to Mrs. Macfarren's concert (for which Lady B. had 2 tickets) with Lina. Lady B., Letty & I went to Lady Yarde Buller's where Tinnray..(?) was playing & Miss Buller doing dancing mistress & teaching (.... (?) Quadrilles) to a large academy full. Had a double box for the Huguenots at the Covent Garden opera. The 2 space tickets were given to Mr. Desvoeux(?) & Mr. James Drummond. Grisi, Mario, Formes and Castellau all sang & acted beautifully as usual. A new person for the Page, was very nervous & shy but had a nice voice.

London   1852, May 2

Sunday. I was at home & ill all day, with a bad sick headache. Mary & Lucy saw Di twice. Mr. Gunning lies just in the same state, & the docters can give no more distinct opinion. Henrietta & Robert Clive lunched here. Sir G. Walker also called.

London   1852, May 3

No changes in Mr. Gunning. Selina Bristowe called & Lady Powis & Harriet Herbert. The boys came up to London. Mary & I sat with them some time. Lady B., Lucy & Letty went to the Royal Academy Exhibition & afterwards to tea with the Duchess of Bedford. Papa, Letty & Mary went to a party at Mrs. Richard Cavendish's.

London   1852, May 4

There was such a bad account early this morning of poor Mr. Gunning, that Mary & I went directly after breakfast to try & see Di. We met Mr. & Lady Elizabeth Dickens at their door, & in answer to our inquiries we heard that Mr. Gunning had died a few minutes before. Mr. & Lady E. D. walked home with us, & we afterwards went to see Newport. Lina(?) called in the morning & Newport came to luncheon. We did shopping in the afternoon, & had a holiday of leaving cards. An excuse was sent for the Court ball tomorrow & our parties of course for the 6th & 10th. postponed. Mrs. Simpson called in the afternoon late. Lady Francis Russell wrote to ask us to go to the Opera with her, (having the lend of the Duchess of Bedford's box at Covent Garden to hear the Huguenots) which was very unlucky, that she should have asked just this week as of course we are not going out this week.

London   1852, May 5

Miss Baker called. Mr. Henry Gunning called in the morning, & Rowland was brought to see Papa & Lady B. In the afternoon Mary sat a while with poor Di. & afterwards walked with Papa to the British Institution in Pall Mall, where we also went after having been to the Amateur Exhibition in which Mrs. Simpson has some lovely drawings & there are many very good. We afterwards went to see Selina who arrived in London today.

London   1852, May 6

We 3 sat some time with Selina, & then called on Di Gunning, but did not see her. We talked some with Mrs. Vyse, who gave a melancholy account of both her & Mrs. Gunning. Had luncheon early & Lady B., Mary & Letty went to Lord Ingestre's meeting, for the subject he has so much at heart, bettering the condition of the poor. They heard some good speaking from the Bishops & London & Oxford, the Duke of Argyll & others. Papa & I walked, & called on Lady F. Higginson & Sir B. Gunning who were both at home & then walked in the Green Park, met there Captain & the Miss Wilson's of the Horse! Selina called late in the afternoon. The Bristowes, Henry Bridgeman, Robert Clive, Herbert Murray, & Mr. G. Higginson dined here.

London   1852, May 7

We 3 went to see Di Gunning & sat with her some time, poor girl. She is better today. They are going this afternoon to Horton, there to stay for a time, & the funeral takes place there tomorrow. Afterwards we sat with Selina. Expected Emily Simpson to pass thro' London to spend a few hours there, but she never came. After luncheon Mary & Papa walked to the Amateur Exhibition. We others drove & among other things went to the New Water Colour Exhibition which we thought very good. Lady Ruthven called.

London   1852, May 8

Mary & Papa walked in the morning to St. James' Square & called on Frances Legge to see if they knew as much as we had this morning heard from the Cape & of the arrival there of the ship George Legge was in & which had been so alarmingly long due. Lucy & I sat with Selina in the morning & called on Lady Francis Russell, who was out. After luncheon we two, Lady B. & Letty took Georgey & Francey "6 precious souls" in a coach to the Zoological Gardens to see the young lion chiefly, & the humming birds, which is a beautiful collection. The young lion made a rush at Francey & began to play very roughly, but Francey was very good & brave about it. Lord John Hay called. Mary rode with Newport.

London   1852, May 9

Sunday. Lucy & Mary went with Newport to the Temple church in the morning, N. having got an order from "10,000 a year". Papa & I went to the Chapel Royal in the evening. A lovely hot day. A large family party of calls made their Sunday family call here. Mary dined with the Newports.

London   1852, May 10

Lady B., Mary & I went at 1/2 past 11, to the Wellington Barracks (by invitation from Lady Combermere to join her) to hear the bands practise together for the Birthday. There were very few people there besides Lady C. & Miss Cotton. Mr. Lloyd & Mr. Percy Feilding were there. & we were introduced to Major Brownrigg who is going to try & get us a room at the Horse Guards to see the Mounting Guard on Thursday before the Drawingroom. When we came back, we changed Mary for Letty & went to call on the Clives & Louisa M. Both were at home. Lucy & Letty went our driving alone in the afternoon, left many cards & called on the C. Drummonds & found Ella at home. Lady Mary Ross & Jemima called. & Lady Francis Russell.

London   1852, May 11

Lucy & I went to Mrs. Murray's in the morning for me to be tried on my court dress & other shops. A faint at luncheon & squabbles. Lady B., Letty & I drove in the afternoon & left Kensington & Campden Hill cards, but did not stay out long for the rain & heavy showers. Lady B., Lucy & Mary went to the Opera to hear Il Flauto Magico, with Mario, Castellan, Anna Zerr, Ronconi, Formes &c. The spare ticket (as Papa wouldn't go was offered to Henry B., Mr. Higginson, & finally to Herbert Murray, who went with them. Papa insisted on taking Letty & me to one ball we did not wish to go to. Got off Lady Borough's, but went for a little while to Mrs. Packe Reading.

London   1852, May 12

Another very rainy day. Lucy & I got to the Newports in the morning. Emily Simpson came. Wolryche Bridgeman lunched here. Uncle Wolryche called & Henrietta & Geraldine Somerset. Mary & I, while the rest drove, walked in the square with the boys & Mademoiselle Lunier, & brought them in to see Emily Simpson. Had high tea, as Papa & Lady B. dined out at Mr. R. Cavendish's. Letty & I were picked up to go to Lady Philips's Concert which was very good. Castellan, Miss Pyne, Gardoni, Sims Reeves & Lablache sang. Did not go to Mrs. Miles's ball.

London   1852, May 13

The Queen's birthday kept. Got up at an unearthy hour to go to the Horse Guards to see the parade. Major Brownrigg had got us a window, & we saw it all beautifully, but it was showery. The Duke of Wellington, Prince Albert, the Duke of Cambridge &c were there & of Pontglas(?) riding with them. Lucy went with Georgey, Francey & Mademoiselle Lunier to Buckingham Palace, with tickets from the Vicechamberlain, to see the Queen pass to go to the Drawingroom. All we others went to the Drawingroom & never never was there such a squeeze (except Lady Derby's party). The crush(?) began in the passage below the staircase. However we got away well. Found Selina dressed in plain clothes again & ready, sitting here to see us. I went to bed again till dinner time, for I was very tired. Uncle Wolryche, Henry & Wolryche Bridgeman dined here. Lady B., Mary & I went to a party of Lady Derby's in Downing St. Such a crowd that we soon gave up the attempt at going upstairs. Tried to get hold of the reporter, to get our names put down at least & then ordered our carriage; & had rather a pleasant assembly in the outer passage, seeing our friends going in & out.When we could we got away to Lady Louisa D. Pennant's ball which was a very good one, & I enjoyed it much.

London   1852, May 14

Mr. Leitch gave us a lesson. He has been very ill, or we should have had him sooner. In the afternoon I drove with Lady B. & Letty, called at several places but found no one at home. Saw Mrs. Grant at her door. Meanwhile Lucy & Mary had had many visitors. Frances Legge & two sisters among others. Catherine Loftus also called after we came in. Papa, Lady B. & Mary dined at Baron Packe's. I went to bed before 9!

London   1852, May 15

I had a bad headache which I staid in bed for all the morning. Selina Bristowe called early. Miss Baker also came to see us. Sir John Hope, & Mrs. & Miss Kinlock lunched here. Lucy & Mary drove in the morning to dressmakers, & called on Louisa N. & on Mrs. Simpson, & found both at home. Mr. Bagot called here again & Wolryche B. Newport & Selina at different times. Mary rode with Newport. Lucy & Mary had tea with the Fremantles, & Caroline & Augusta Leigh.

London   1852, May 16

Sunday. Letty & I went to the Temple Church with Mr. Bristowe who afterwards took us to the Temple Gardens, & the Hall they live in. We met Mr. Bagot & Mr. C. Phillimore there who walked about with us. I did not go to church again. The Bristowes called in the afternoon & were asked to come back again to dinner which they did. Mr. Bagot also dined here, & Lady Anne Mackenzie & Be.(?) Fly..tham(?) called.

London   1852, May 17

Mary & I went to see Selina in the morning. A raining day. June Hay called to ask to be chaperoned tonight. Johnny came from Cambridge for the dance here. He rode with Mary. Emily S. & Letty & I drove. Lady C. Copley staid so long with Emily that Lady A. Mackenzie & Lady M. Thompson who called to see her, paid us a long visit & never saw her. Our dance here. Went off very fairly, but I don't quite think them worth their trouble now. Much else going on. Lady C. Masse's(?) ball, & a ball to help distressed musicians. Were quite full enough, but ended before 3 o'clock.

London   1852, May 18

Selina N. & Gerald called here in the morning. Uncle Wolryche & Wolryche B. called & had luncheon here. Mary & Lucy rode with Johnny, who was kicked in the foot by Frances Legge's horse, & feeling faint, L. & M. rode home alone & sent a cab for him. Newport found him & came home with him. I walked with Papa & called on many people but nobody was at home. Tom & Louisa dined here. Lucy & I went with Papa to Lady Lewisham's ball. Johnny went too (tho' he did not come down to dinner) to show Frances Legge his hurt was not serious, & it was well he did for this accident had got dreadfully exaggerated & most people thought his leg was broken. When Louisa Moncreiffe arrived with Frances Hay from Lady Jersey's, which we had ...(?) Papa & Johnny went home & we staid with her. It was a very nice ball only too crowded a great deal. Came home about 1/2 past 2.

London   1852, May 19

Lucy & I "combined breakfast & luncheon". Imme- diately after luncheon Lady B., Emily S., Letty & I drove to Fulham to call on the Miss Sulivans, but they were out. We also left a card on Lady Shelley. The country was looking lovely. When we came back Lucy & Letty took the carriage, left a few cards & called on Frances Legge. Mary & Papa walked. Augusta Leigh called. Also Henrietta & Mary Clive & Henry Simpson. Johnny went back to Cambridge. Lady B. & Papa, Mary & Letty went to the Queen's ball. Lucy & I went straight to bed & too happy.

London   1852, May 20

Ascension Day. I was awoke by force at 9 o'clock to be in time to go to church with Lucy, having slept at least 11 hours & could have gone on long. After church we went to see Selina. After lun- cheon Lady B., Emily S., Lucy & Letty drove to Kenwood & walked all over the gardens there. Papa & Mary went to church & I walked with the boys in the square. Fanny Simpson dined here. Papa took Lucy & me to Mrs. White's ball. A very good house & nice ball, but waxy(?). A rainy night, or we should have looked in at Mrs. Shelley's ball, & walked home.

London   1852, May 21

Mr. Leitch. After luncheon Mary went to see Di Gunning who is in London today, & sat an hour ar two with her. Letty walked in the park with Papa, & Emily Simpson drove with Lucy & me. First we called at Beaufort House & sat some time with Henrietta Somerset while EBS called on Mrs. Phillimore. We paid some bills & went to a charming shope in a poky dirty place, to get my miniature of Mary framed to stand on the table. Must recommend Westhinner(?), such pretty designs. Works for Barry. We also called on the C. Drummonds, but did not find them & on Selina Bristowe who also was out. Papa, Lady B. & Letty dined at Lord Camperdown's. Mary joined them to go to Lady Ellesmere's ball at Bridgwater House. People were turned out at 1/2 past one.

London   1852, May 22

Miss Baker called. Directly after luncheon we went in two carriages, Lady b., Letty, Miss Baker & us 3, to Albert Smith's Ascent of Mont Blanc, at the Egyptian Hall. We had heard many different accounts of it, but we liked it very much, & thought it very interesting & amusing, & far less vulgar than I expected. Uncle Wolryche met us there by appointment. When it was over some went one way & dropped Miss Baker half way to her home. & Lady B., Letty & I went to tea at the Duchess of Bedford's. We found an enormous party there. Many friends, Trinney(?) playing, people dancing, quite a ball. Papa, Lady B. & I dined at Mr. & Mrs. Fellowes's, dull dinner.

London   1852, May 23

Sunday. Woke with a cold, so as it was a cold east windy day, & I should not have been able to go to church anyhow, I spent the morning in bed, nursing for tomorrow. Newport called. Also Mr. Vivian, & before he was gone, Robert Clive.

London   1852, May 24

Selina Bristowe came to luncheon & afterwards she walked with me in the square. Edmund came. The Newports dined here. Lady B., Lucy & I went to Lady Charlotte Denison's ball at Bridgwater House. I was not feeling well, but it was a beau- tiful sight, & I enjoyed it much in spite of my cold & headache. There was a carpet to dance on which made it hot & tiring to the feet, but everything else was charming. I long only to wander among the pictures without a moving crowd of people. Emily Simpson had at last made up her mind to go, but she was not so well again, & did not after all. Had to wait long for the carriage.

London   1852, May 25

Very late, only just dressed by 1, & went to see Selina. Isabella Simpson came unexpectedly to see after Emily, & she slept here. Had a large high tea party. Lady B. & Papa dined at Sir Thomas Cochrane's. To bed very early.

London   1852, May 26

Emily S. not being well enough to go on a pouring wet day, the house was squeze out to put up both George & Uncle Charles, who both came to London today. Uncle C. brought up Emily Gertrude to the Bristowes. Isabella, Lucy & I called on Lina late in the afternoon & had 5 o'clock tea with her & Gertrude. Papa & Letty went to a party at Lady F..(?)

London   1852, May 27

Johnny came up to town again for 2 nights, for the dance here tonight. Emily & Isabella Simpson went away. Lucy rode with George & Johnny & Edmund. Papa & Lucy (in Lady B.'s place who was not at all well & resting for the evening) dined at Lord Combermere's. Emily Gertrude dined here. The dance this evening was a good deal spoilt by Lady Abercorn's at Chesterfield House, but it couldn't be helped. I was very unwell & did not enjoy it at all. Lasted till 3.

London   1852, May 28

Selina Bristowe & Emily Gertrude paid us a visit in bed. A wretched night with toothache &c &c, feeling ill. Mr. Leitch. Letty did not come down to him at all & I only for a little bit. Mary rode with Johnny & Edmund. Robert Clive & Mr. Vivian dined here early & went to the Princess's Theatre with a party from here to see the Corsican Brothers, & the Lucky Friday. Lucy, Mary & Letty, Papa, Uncle C., Edmund & Johnny were the party. Lady B. & I were too unwell to go, & Papa went instead. George dined with Newport.

London   1852, May 29

A very wet day. My cold very bad. Lots of us very croaky(?). Mary the only one fit to go out at night, & she went with Papa & Uncle Charles to Lord Londesborough's conversazione & seemed as much amused with it as I was two years ago. Only there were a good many ladies there this time, which was very pleasant. Edmund dined out. George & Johnny both went away.

London   1852, May 30

Whitsunday. Papa, Uncle C., Mary & Edmund went to the Temple Church in the morning. I staid in bed till luncheon time with my influenza. Letty staid in bed all day, & Lucy part. Emily came to luncheon. In the afternoon Papa & Mary walked to Berkeley Square & paid a visit to Lady Lucy Herbert. Meanwhile Robert Herbert & Mr. Montgomery called here. & The Bristowes. Uncle C. dined out.

London   1852, May 31

Letty & I staid in bed again till luncheon time & had our luncheon in bed. Miss Baker called. Dr. Packman came to see me, which was a great relief to my mind, for I feel I ought long ago to have seen somebody, & it seemed fated I should not. I believe Emily Gertrude lunched here. Lucy drove with her & Lina. Mary rode with Uncle C. & Edmund. Mary, the only well one, went with Papa to a party at the Duchess of Grafton's, & a ball at Mrs. White's.