Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: September 1852

Weston   1852, September 20

Papa, Lady B. & Lucy came back from Halston, but only their servant came, saying they meant to sleep at Stafford & go tomorrow to Bratley.

Weston   1852, September 21

Tuesday. Johnny went away on "a round of visits".

Weston   1852, September 22

Lucy & I drove to Shiffnal to get mourning for the boys. We took Gerald with us.

Weston   1852, September 23

Coming in from our afternoon walk, we had a hunt for Newport who we heard was here & found him & Lord Jocelyn (who were on their way to London from Willey where they had been this morning attending Mr. Charles Forester's funeral) in the Shrewsbury walk. They did not stay long, having to catch the train.

Weston   1852, September 24

We three went to Willey immediately after breakfast & spent a happy few hours with the Georges & ...est(?). It was a lovely day. Met the Orlando Foresters on Coalport Hill on our way there. Gave Francey his lesson at 8 o'clock in the evening! When we came home heard of old Mr. Wright's death & that Letty is not coming home tomorrow.

Weston   1852, September 25

General & Mrs. Monckton called & had luncheon here. Lucy & I went to the Rectory to shoot. Newport came.

Weston   1852, September 27

Monday. Newport went away to an Agricultural meeting at Ludlow, but came back again late in the evening. Robert Clive came. A very bad day, rainy & foggy.

Weston   1852, September 28

Selina came. Lucy & Georgey went to Newport station to meet her. She arrived in the middle of the school children's singinglesson, which they have weekly from the organist of Shiffnal. They always have it in the church, but today Lady B. had them in the hall & a great many of the servants came & sang too. The school children from Blymhill & Tong all join in these weekly lessons. It was a very rainy day & none of us walked.

Weston   1852, September 29

The post this morning brought us word that George had been shot yesterday in the eye. He was out shooting with Lord Forester & Mr. Cecil Fane, when the latter shot carelessly & George got several of the shot about his forehead, cheek & ear & one went into his eye. The doctors cannot say whether he will lose the sight of it yet or not, but I fear it is more than likely. Newport rode over to see him & found him in bed but not suffering. Much & very little inflammation, which is so far very good, that it must be a very tiresome business at the best. Another pouring wet day. Newport's coat, when he came home, was like a sponge, when he wrung it the water literally poured out.

Weston   1852, September 30

A fine day at last. Letty came home. Papa went to Shrewsbury to meet her. Selina drove to Shiffnal to meet the Orlando Foresters who were passing through & took Georgey with her. At dinner we got Dr. Middlemore's report of George's eye. It was as favorable as we coud possibly expect. There is a possibility of his eye being saved, but I am afraid that is all. Miss C. Howard & a brother called.