Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: January 1853

Weston   1853, January 1

We came home. Uncle & Aunt Charles also came with Isabel & Leila. Emily is left at Dudmaston to be a little longer under Mr. Wall's eye(?) & Agnes has staid there with her. The Wrights also came & Letty. Papa at the Witch.

Weston   1853, January 2

Sunday. I had a headache & staid in my room.

Oakley Park   1853, January 3

Mr. Wright went on to Shrewsbury for the Assizes. Papa took me there later & left me to the care of Robert Clive. Mr. Clive had got a special train which was to leave Sh:J. (Shiffnal Junction perhaps?) at 1/2 past 4, so about an hour had to wait & I got a book. When the county business was over our special train started, with Mr. Clive, Lord Powis, Mr. Harry Clive, Robert & me. We stopped once to let a train pass that was meeting us. At Bromfield we found we were locked in & there was no guard, no station master & no key, but we got out on the wrong side & arrived safely at Oakly Park. The party here consists (besides the passengers in the "special") of Lady Leighton & two daughters, Lady Powis, Lucy, Harriet, Robert & Willy Herbert & Mr. Wilbraham Egerton. Mary is very well & very happy. We had music in the evening.

Oakley Park   1853, January 4

It rained most of the day, but we most of us got out in the afternoon. I walked with Mary. Mr. Wrottesley, Mr. Arthur Hanbury & Mr. Arkwright came. We went to a Ludlow ball. It was a very nice one as public balls go, but not a full one. I liked it very well, but did not much feel as if Mary was my chaperone. Were home about 4 I think. 5 o'clock tea in Mary's sitting room.

Oakley Park   1853, January 5

Lord Powis went away & Mr. Arkwright. After luncheon we had a party to Ludlow, consisting of Lady Powis & Harriet, Henrietta & Victoria & Mademoiselle, Lady Leighton & both Miss L.'s & myself. Mr. Egerton & Mr. Hanbury walked there & met us. We looked 1st at the church, then walked round the Castle & on the Rough Walk, which was very pretty & a walk after my own heart & the carriage met us again at Ludlow Bridge. We stopped once again at the Feathers Inn to see its curiosities. It is a very pretty old half timbered house with a room with a pretty ceiling &c &c & then we came home & there was another afternoon party & tea on the divan. It is very comfor- table. In the evening we had a game at Vingtun.

Oakley Park   1853, January 6

Lady Leighton & her daughters, Mr. Wrottesley & Mr. Henry Clive went away. A rainy day, but in spite of it we all went out. Henrietta & Mary Clive, Harriet Herbert, Mr. A. Hanbury & I went in the break to Downton Castle, which I had never seen. We had a very pretty but very wet walk by the river. The bridge (over which was the regular walk) was swept away lately by the floods, so we explored another walk which did as well. Had tea in the schoolroom & then laid on a very comfortable sofa in Henrietta's room till it was time to dress for dinner. Several people came to dinner & a quantity of people after to dance. The two Herberts, Mary & I went up after dinner & burnt the holly & wished in Mary's room. We had a merry dance in the diningroom which we kept up till past 4o'clock.

Weston   1853, January 7

Had to get up earlier than I liked after dancing so late & came back to Weston with Robert & Mary. Besides those that left here, there are the Georges & their children & Greville Lane. The last left of a party that has been here. Henry Lane also came today & the Newports (who did not arrive till late after dinner). Mr. Wrottesley was expected but sent an excuse.

Weston   1853, January 8

Mr. Holyoake came to luncheon. Also Lord Dartmouth & Frances & Louisa Legge. It turned to rain after luncheon, so we pursuaded Lord Dartmouth to send home their horses & send for a carriage, evening clothes & Edward Legge & dine & spend the evening here. George went away. We had some very pretty tableaux in the evening. A repetition of some they had on 12th. night. The first a scene from the Seige of Granada, was acted by Isabel, Emily (a man) & Robert (this part had been done by Mr. E. Neville before). This was the prettiest of all. The second was another scene from the same story. Letty was dying in Helen's (a man) arms, just stabbed by Henry Lane (that part had been done by Mr. E. Neville). Greville Lane was a monk & Lucy, Isabel & Leila nuns standing around. This was least good. The third was 2 prints of Metzu's put together: Lucy & I, Mr. Wright & Greville Lane all Dutch. I took Miss Harriet Neville's part in it & it was even more difficult than I had ex- pected to keep my countenance & I am afraid I much spoilt it. They say this was most like a picture. The fourth & last was Letty & Leila as Roman girls, very pretty too. I never saw any tableaux before. They are a great deal of trouble but certainly very pretty.

Weston   1853, January 10

Monday. It poored with rain all day, so that the gentlemen could not get out shooting at all & there was a good deal organ & billiards. George came back. Edmund came. There was a servant's ball, which as before we joined for a time. Some of the gentlemen staid late. Mr. H. Lane to the end.

Weston   1853, January 11

The Wrights & the 2 Lanes went away. Papa, Lady B., Lucy & Letty went to Pitchford for the Shrewsbury ball. I had a very bad cold.

Weston   1853, January 12

Nursed my cold in bed again till late. The Newports & Mary & Robert went to Acton Reynald for the Shrewsbury ball.

Weston   1853, January 13

Edmund went away.

Weston   1853, January 14

Papa, Lady B., Lucy & Letty came back from Pitchford, having perils to life & limb, losing themselves in the floods & swimming in the Severn. They did not arrive till almost dressing time. Mr. & Mrs. & Miss Percy came (some twice before) & Sydney & Ewald Lane. Miss Percy sang beautifully.

Weston   1853, January 15

George went to Birmingham & ba..(?). Robert & Mary came back. A driving party to Lilleshall. A walking party all over the park & wood very wet. More beautiful singing.

Weston   1853, January 16

Sunday. In the afternoon it rained, so instead of going out, we had an afternoon in the hall, playing the organ, drinking tea & talking. More music in the evening.

Weston   1853, January 17

Aunt Charles & Leila went to Dudmaston & the same carriage that took them to the Hundred House brought Agnes back. Miss C. Howard & a brother rode over & lunched here. Lady B. & Mrs. Percy called at Wrottesley & soon after they had started Lady Stafford called with her little boy. Mr. & Mrs. Cunliffe came. Singing & a game at bowls.

Weston   1853, January 18

The Percys, Cunliffes & Lanes went away & in there place came a duller party. Mr. & Lady Louisa Cotes, Mr. & Mrs. Lecke & baby & Mr. C. Wrottesley. A game at Bowls again.

Weston   1853, January 20

Thursday. Mr. & Lady Louisa Cotes & Mr. & Mrs. Lecke went away. Robert Herbert & Mr. George Monckton came. Vingtun.

Weston   1853, January 21

Mr. C. Wrottesley went away. We took a walk in the wet & puddled. A game at Bowls.

Weston   1853, January 22

Robert & Mary went away & took Lucy back with them to Oakly Park. Robert Herbert also went away & Mr. Monckton. Lord Frederic Leveson Gower called here & had luncheon here. George went to Willey. Lucy is to go to Melton from Oakly Park, with Newport, who is to be there for a Ludlow ball on Thursday.

Weston   1853, January 24

Emily went away. George was to meet her at Shiffnal to go to Oakly Park.

Weston   1853, January 25

Uncle Wolryche came.

Weston   1853, January 28

Friday. Uncle Wolryche went away. George & Emily came back from Oakly Park. Lucy is gone from there to Melton today with Newport.

Weston   1853, January 29

Frances & Louisa Legge rode over to luncheon.

Weston   1853, January 31

Monday. Lady B. & Emily drove to see the hounds meet at Kilsall & Isabel & George rode. They remained all the morning hunting. Isabel enjoying it exceedingly. Mr. Holyoake came in to luncheon. Edmund came & Edward Childe & Mr. Littleton.