Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: May 1853

London   1853, May 1

Sunday. Robert Herbert called here at luncheon time. Mary & Robert also walked here in the afternoon. Lucy & I went to the Chapel Royal with Papa in the evening. Newport dined here.

London   1853, May 2

Johnny came back. Lucy & I went to the Newports & were joined by Lina & we went with her to see Ursula. Lucy rode with Johnny in the afternoon. I drove with Mary & we called on many people & found at home the Elphinstones, the Legges & Ursula again. Papa, Lucy & Johnny went to a ball at Lady Stanley of Alderley's.

London   1853, May 3

A soaking day. Lucy & I went to the station to meet Georgiana Eyre, who is come to stay with us. Selina & Georgey also came up by the same train. Papa, Lady B. & Lucy dined at Sir James Hogg's & Letty joined them & went to a ball at Lady Heathcote's.

London   1853, May 4

In the morning Lucy & I sat a long time with Selina. In the afternoon Letty walked & we others drove & shopped. A large dinerparty consisting of Lady H. & Henrietta Clive, Sir J., Lady & Miss Yarde Buller, Baron, Lady & Miss Parker, the May(?): d'Azeglio, Baron Bentinck, Percy Herbert (who is just come home from the Cape), Mr. J.B. Stanhope, Mr. Sanford, Mr. & Mrs. R. Cavendish & Mr. Belward Ray. Tried unsuccesfully to make a table spin round by electricity! It is hard to believe. Perhaps I shall w...(?) I see the table spin. Lady B., Letty & Papa & Johnny went to a ball at Norfolk House. Staid very Late.

London   1853, May 5

Ascension Day. Got up in time to go to church. After which Lucy & I went to Mr. C. Boyle's to fetch Georgiana who was calling there, but she was not ready to come away, so we went to the Lady Gore's, buth they were out & we sat with Selina till luncheon time. Mr. Vivian called at luncheon time & the Newports just after. I was tired & sleepy & did not go out in the afternoon but sat out reading on the balcony. Ursula called. There was another dinnerparty. Lord & Lady Effingham, Lady Camperdown & Mr. Hamilton-Duncan, Mr. & Mrs. Fellowes, Sir Gilbert & Lady Heathcote, Di & Mr. Liddell, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert of Mucross, Lord & Lady George Quin, Mr. Warrender, Mr. J. Montgomery & Colonel Blair. Tried the table again & a hat which went round.

London   1853, May 6

Lucy & I went with Georgiana to call on Lady Mary Egerton, the Fitzwilliams & Selina before luncheon. After, Georgiana drive with Mrs. Simpson to Clapham to see Aunt Louisa. Lucy staid at home & Lady B., Letty, Johnny & I went to the Royal Academy Exhibition, which is very good, I think, this year. In the evening the others went to a concert at Lady Cecilia Voeux & a party at Lady Jersey's.

London   1853, May 7

A very rainy day. Did not go out. Sat an hour round a table in the afternoon to make the table spin, but still unsuccesfully. Lady B. & Papa dined out. Letty & I fetched them & went to a party at Lady Eglinton's. Georgiana also dined out & Johnny.

London   1853, May 8

Sunday. Lucy, Georgiana & I went to see Selina after church & Selina, Mr. Sturt, Lord H. Lennox & I sat for 3/4 of an hour round a table again unsuccessfully. It is very odd why it will not move for us & will for other people! Mary & Robert came to luncheon. Lucy, Johnny & I went to the Chapel Royal in the afternoon, were caught in the rain & came back in a cab.

London   1853, May 9

Rainy morning. Di, Sir George, Miss & Mr. Suttie came to luncheon (Georgiana went out to luncheon) by appointment & afterwards we turned tables & succeeded at last with a table that screwed & a hat & with a music stool. Colonel Blair & Mr. Farquharson also called by appointment & Percy Herbert & Lady George Quin by chance, during the operation. Lady B., Lucy & I went to an afternoon concert at Mrs. Shelley of An(?)ington. Blumenthal & Mario were te only performers & it was a most lovely concert. Mario sang Adelaida divinely. Afterwards L. & I went to Wilton Crescet & sat a bit with Selina.

London   1853, May 10

Lucy & I drove about in the morning with Georgiana doing business. Miss Baker called. Lucy staid at home & walked with her in the afternoon & had visits from Mary, Augusta Leigh & Cattie & Mary Childe. Georgiana Eyre went away in the afternoon. Johnny dined out. Lady B., Lucy & Letty went to an amateur concert of Lady Clerk's. Very good. Papa was at the House of Lords. I picked up Johnny & Mary & went to a party at Lady Parke's.

London   1853, May 11

Lucy & I walked with Johnny to Beaufort House & had a nice long chat with Etta Somerset. Lucy drove with Mary in the afternoon. We then called on Mrs. Anson & saw tables fly round there in the most wonderful & alarming manner. We also called on Lady Powis who was at home & on Ursula & Lady Middleton who were not. Papa & Lady B. dined at Lord Combermere's. Johnny also dined out & we had tea & Letty & I sacrificed ourselves for a party (oh! such a party!) at Mrs. G. Bankes.

London   1853, May 12

Lucy & I walked in the morning & called on Georgiana Eyre at Mr. C. Boyle's. She was to leave London this afternoon. We afterwards went on to Selina. Mr. & Mrs. C. Boyle called at luncheon time & Lady W. Wynn before we went out. I drove with Mary & spent a delightful hour in Faleke's(?) curiousity shop - a most fascinating plan. Lucy & I went to a ball at Lady Graham's.

London   1853, May 13

Johnny & I walked to see Mary & also called on Lady Panmure. Cattie & Mary Childe called in the afternoon & Lady Clancarty & Lady A. Butler. I staid at home. Papa, Lady B. & I dined at Mr. Sanderson's, went to a very pretty concert at Lady Lewis's of German glees & ended at Mrs. R. Cavendish's ball, which was a capital one. Lucy meanwhile went with Johnny to a good concert (Italian) at Mrs. Capel Cure's & afterwards joined us at Mrs. Cavendish's ball.

London   1853, May 14

Selina called in the morning & I went back with her & had my luncheon there. I afterwards walked with Francis Gerald & Mademoiselle Lumier in St. James's Park feeding the ducks. Lady B. went to the flower show at Chiswick & took Georgey with her. Johnny went to Cambridge. Went to bed early.

London   1853, May 15

Sunday. Lucy & I went to the Early Sacrament at 9 o'clock & after morning service we went to Wilton Crescent & staid with the Newports for luncheon.

Coolhurst   1853, May 16

Fanny & Adelaide Higginson called & I went to Selina for a little bit in the morning. After luncheon Lord Aberdour called. We all (that is Papa, Lady B., Letty & our two) went to Coolhurst. Besides Mr. & Lady E. Dickens themselves, we found there the Henry Liddells & General, Mrs. & Miss Lindsay. The country is delicious & everyting looking so fresh & so green at last. Alas, no nightingales will sing for me.

Coolhurst   1853, May 17

Enjoyed this lovely day, most thoroughly. I took a walk in the woods with Papa in the morning & Di. Lucy & I rowed & floated on the wake in the afternoon & landed once & brought home loads of wild hyacinths. Miss Clephane & William de Norman came in in the evening.

London   1853, May 18

I had another walk with Papa in the morning. Came back to London much against our inclination, but there was a dinner engagement so no help for it. A hotter more delicious day than ever. Have come away without hearing the nightingales after all. I am quite sure they will sing tonight when I am gone. So hot it brought out the sucles(?). Met one in my morning walk coiled in my path barking(?) in the sun. Oh, the brute. Found Johnny come back & the Georges staying with the Newports. Lucy & I walked to Wilton Crescent to see Selina & Emily. Papa, Lady B. & Letty dined at Lord Camperdown's. Johnny also dined out & Cattie & Mary Childe had high tea & spent the evening with Lucy & me.

London   1853, May 19

I walked in the park with Johnny & Fuz(?). Lady B. & Letty drove in the morning & called on Lady Sykes & Lady Willoughby d'E. Mrs. Archibald Hope & two children called & had luncheon here. Selina & Emily also called in the morning. In the afternoon we drove, shopped, left a lot of cards & called on Lady Willoughby de Broke & Mrs. Lucy. Papa, Lady B. & Letty dined at Sir. T. Fremantle's. Letty & Johnny went with them afterwards to parties at the Duchess of Grafton's & Lady Salis- burg's. After our dinner at home Letty, Johnny & I took a walk in the square. It was so fine & warm.

London   1853, May 20

Emily called in the morning. George had luncheon here. Letty, Johnny & I walked in the park in the morning. In the afternoon Letty went panorama seeing with Papa & lady B. Lucy & I drove - going for 1/2 hour to a little concert at Mrs. W. Cust's. The Duchess of Buccleuch called. Papa, Lady B., & I dined at Sir Charles Coote's. Letty joined us & we went to a party at Lady Jersey's & a ball at Lady Sykes'.

London   1853, May 21

Lucy & Johnny walked in the morning & called on Mrs. Dimcombe, the Elphinstones & Selina. Mary & Robert called. After luncheon Lucy went with the Georges to the Exhibition & then called on Di. Johnny dined out. Newport sent us late an order for the Queen's box at the Princess's Theathre. Mr. Whately was to dine here so Papa & Lady B. could not go (George also dined here) , but we three young ladies went excorted by Sir G. & Mr. Suttie. Saw the end of Marco Spada & Black Eyed Susan.

London   1853, May 22

Sunday. Mary & Robert had luncheon here. Mr. Clive, George & Willy called here afterwards. I dined with the Newports.

London   1853, May 23

I drove with Mary in the afternoon. A ball at home. Never so tired in all my life. Johnny had dined out.

London   1853, May 24

Miss Baker called. After luncheon we went out driving. Some of the h London arness broke just as we were going to have Lady B. at Willis's rooms to attend the Committe of the Caledonian ball & we had to get out too. No other ladies had arrived, so Lady B. came down to tell us Professor Aytonn (of the "Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers") was giving one of his lectures on Poetry & we went into the room & heard him & reads poetry so beautifully. It was his last lecture on Modern Poets. Found a lot of friends there. A dinner party at home consisting of Lord & Lady Guernsey, Lord & Lady Elizabeth Lascelles, the Bishop of Rochester & Eleanor Murray (Lady Sarah was not all to come), Mr. & Lady Diana Pakington, Mr. & Mrs. Simpson, Mr. & Mrs. Sanderson, the Georges, Mr. Suttie, Lord Pomfret, Mr. Plunket Burton & Mr. Fuller. Afterwards alle but me went to Lady Breadalbane's ball, which seems to have been a grand sight & they staid till the end - 4 o'clock.

London   1853, May 25

Cattie & Mary Childe called & walked with Lucy to see Selina Bristowe & had luncheon with her. They staid with me for some time after they came back & after Lucy had gone out driving. Another dinner party. Dowager Lady Ely & Lady Anna Loftus, Lord & Lady Clancarty & Lady Anne Buller, Lord Dartmouth & Frances Legge, Lord Londes & Miss Miller, Lord & Lady Combermere, Lord Bath, Lord Annesly, Mr. Bathurst, Mr. Blackburne & Mr. Steward Nikolson. Mr. Thynne never came.

London   1853, May 26

Lucy & Johnny were out all the the morning calling on ever so many people. Mrs. Howard Vyse called here. In our afternoon drive we went to see the great Koh i-nore diamond, which Garrard has been cutting again, as the Indians had cut is so badly it had looked more like a lump of glass than a <>. Now it is very beautiful. Papa & Lady B. dined at Lord Effingham's. Johnny & Lucy went to the opera, Luzrezia Borgia. Letty went to a party at Mrs. Leslie, but I went to bed.

London   1853, May 27

Some of the party went to see Louis Philippe's pictures which are to be sold tomorrow. The Newports, the Georges, Mary & Robert & Mr. Bagot dined here. Expected Mr. F. Bedingfield, but he never came. Afterwards Lucy went with the Newports & Emily to a ball at Mrs. Talbot Clifton's & we others went to another at Lady & Douglas Pennant?Ǭs.

London   1853, May 28

A rainy afternoon. Lucy & I to buy bonnets & sat a while with Ursula who is well enough to see company now to enliven her dulness. Papa, Lady B & Lucy dined at Mr. Clive's.

London   1853, May 29

Sunday. Orlando walked home with us from church & went with us to Newport's house. Mr. Felix Bedingfield called & had luncheon here. After afternoon church I walked in the park with Johnny. Showery day, but very nice between showers.

London   1853, May 30

Johnny & I walked in the morning to see Mary but did not find her at home & then stopped at Mrs. Simpson's for a bit. Lucy drove with Mary. Lady B., Letty, Johnny & I went to a morning concert at Lady Howard's given to royalty. Mario was singing beautifully as ever. Piatti & Bottesini were plating & a little prodigy on the piano forte. Papa, Lady B. & Letty dined at Sir George Suttie's & I afterwards went with the 2 last to the Caledonian.

London   1853, May 31

Selina called in the morning & Selina Bristowe. Lucy drove with Mary again. Robert Hay called & had luncheon here. We went arm-chair hunting. A dinner party: Lord & Lady Hatherton, Lord & Lady Panmure, Mr. & Lady C. Egerton, Sir James, Lady & Miss Hogg, Sir T., Lady & Miss Fremantle, Lord Euston, Lord John Fitzroy, Sir J. Ramsden & Mr. Heathcote. At last we went afterwards to Mrs. Charles Miles's ball.