Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: November 1854

Weston   1854, November 2

Lord Aylesford, Lord & Lady Dartmouth & Mr. G. Whitmore went. Lucy rode with the boys. Lady B. & Letty called on Mrs. Holyoake. I pottered.

Weston   1854, November 3

George came over to luncheon, Lovely day, very cold. Walked to the quarry with Francis. George talked seriously to Gerald & met us.

Weston   1854, November 4

Lady B. & Letty went to Woodcote to luncheon. Met Mrs. Howard & her 2 youngest daughters in the Conservatory. The burnt one looking much better than I expected to see her. November 5th - Gerald's birthday. George came after services.

Weston   1854, November 6

Lucy, Letty & I drove into Shiffnal for toys in the afternoon in <>'s ponycarriage. Helen & her 5 children came. George remained(?).

Weston   1854, November 7

The paper this morning brings another list of killed & wounded from Sebastopol, but only the naval list. By night(?) we got a today's paper which gave another list, but 2 days earlier than the battle where so many seem to have been killed. It is terrible. One had never realized real war. Gerald's birthday kept. Helen & George went over to Blymhill to fetch Ernest to come & dine with the children here & Isy Holyoake & Lizzie Howard also were invited to dine here. We, with Mrs. Howard & Mrs. Holyoake had our luncheon earlier and then went to look on & help at the children's dinner. I was a nasty day & the children played indoors. Mrs. Howard soon went away with her child. But Mrs. Holyoake stayed later & walked with Lucy & me in the afternoon. George went.

Weston   1854, November 8

Helen's two youngest children went home. Lucy & George rode over to Wrottesley to luncheon. Helen went late in the afternoon to Longford.

Weston   1854, November 9

Lady B., Letty & Helen's children drove in the morning & fetched Ernest to have his dinner here. George also came to luncheon & there were rumours afloat of Edmund having been seen in the park hunting, but he did not make his appearance in the house. Lucy & I went home with George & Ernest in the afternoon & most of the way were accompanied by all the children & several nurses.

Woodcote   1854, November 10

Selina Newport & Mrs. Forester came over to luncheon. Lucy & Francey went to meet them as far as Shiffnal. George also came to luncheon & Edmund & Lilla from As..(?) where they are staying. George & I went to Woodcote, to meet Lord & Lady Holmesdale, who however (with 3 daughters) did not arrive till after dinner. There was nobody else.

Weston   1854, November 11

My birthday. George & I came back from Woodcote. Helen also came back from Longford & Mr. Wright came too. I had a headache & did not dine.

Weston   1854, November 12

Sunday. George came after services.

Weston   1854, November 13

The Wright children & their governess went home. Helen & Mr. Wright also went away, but not till the afternoon & to Badger. Mr. & Mrs. Burton Borough called. The Blymhill women came about their clothes. A village woman helping in the laundry fell down in a bad fit, but she is better. George remains.

Acton Reynald   1854, November 14

George remained with us till luncheon. Immediately after luncheon I started with Lucy Thompson for Acton Reynald for the Shrewsbury ball, the rest go to Pitchford today for the same. From Newport to Salop I travelled with various companions among them a Roman Catholic priest. I hardly had 10 minutes to wait at the station for Isabel, who was also coming to Acton Reynald & she having commissions for Agnes. We went down & shopped in the town & then came here in Mr. Corbets carriage which was sent to Salop to meet us. Had a terrible alarm coming here that we ought to have met Sir Andrew & brought him, but on our arrival we found it was a false alarm. There are here of the family Sir A., Lady & Nina Corbet, Mr. C. & Agnes & Mr. Reginald Corbet. And also Mr. & Mrs. Cotton, Lord Powis, Mr. Maddocks, Mr. Rowland Hill & Miss Rachael Corbet (of Adderley).

Acton Reynald   1854, November 15

Agnes drove me to Hawkeston for luncheon. Lovely day. Mrs. Clement Hill & Mrs. Somerset at luncheon there too. Lady Hill has asked me to go to Hawkeston with the Newports for their coming of age ball. Isabel rode with some others. Lord & Lady Vane & Lord Hill came.

Acton Reynald   1854, November 16

Only Lady Corbet & Nina (who held the plate with Rowland Hill), Isabel & Lord Hill went in to the Infirmary meeting. It was a horrid day & the rest of the ladies never put our noses out of the house. A sung morning in Agnes's room, Lady Vane there most of the time. All the party but Lord Hill went to the ball, there which I never was at a much worse at Shrewsbury.

Acton Reynald   1854, November 17

Sir Watkin & his hounds met here & Isabel & Nina Corbet went out with them for a bit. Mr. & Mrs. Cotton went & Lord Hill & Mr. Hill. Nasty day & I did not go out at all. Spent the morning chiefly in Agnes's sittingroom & the afternoon in Miss Corbet's. Lady Vane went to luncheon at Hawkstone.

Weston   1854, November 18

I left Acton Reynald & came home the same way I went. Did not like coming away at all. Shopped in Shrewsbury. Talkative gentleman in train. Found the Pitchford party just arrived home before me. George came in soon & staid for dinner but not to sleep. Lady Howard came.

Weston   1854, November 19

Sunday. George dined here again.

Weston   1854, November 20

Mr., Mrs. & 2 Miss Milnes Gaskells came. Also Mr. Dugdale again, Mr. Hunt & Mr. R. Peel. George dined here.

Weston   1854, November 21

Rainy day, a good deal of billiards & rather up hill work with the company. Lucy & I got out late in the wet with the boys for a constitutional & looked in on Mrs. Feilden. Colonel Forester came & Edward Childe. Bowls.

Weston   1854, November 22

Mr. & Mrs. Milnes Gaskell & their daughters went away. Mr. W. Spencer Stanhope, Mr. & Mrs. George Whitmore & Miss Deacon came. George also came. A nasty day, a sort of snow, but in spite of it we walked a good sized party in the boat house & back by the woods. That ennyeux table turning revived this evening, a little music & bowls till 12.

Weston   1854, November 23

Mr. Peel, Mr. Dugdale, Edward Childe & Mr. Hunt went away. We most of us walked to Blymhill in the afternoon & saw the children. Mr. & Mrs. Burton Borough came. Music, keys & wills.

Weston   1854, November 24

I walked the Burton Boroughs & Miss Deacon over the conservatory, shrubberies &c. George went home after dinner. The Newports and Alice Anson came. Music & bowls.

Weston   1854, November 25

Lady Howard, the Burton Boroughs, the Whitmores & Miss Deacon went away. Newport went out hunting (the hounds met at Wrottesley). Colonel Forester & Mr. Stanhope shooting. George came to luncheon & went back to Blymhill in the ponycarriage with Selina, Alice, Lucy & me. We staid some time with the children there & then Lucy drove home by herself & we others walked home. George coming with us nearly all the way.

Weston   1854, November 26

Sunday. Selina & Letty went to Blymhill church in the afternoon & brought back George to dinner, but he would not sleep here. Colonel Forester & Mr. Stanhope walked to Neachill & called on Dahlia.

Weston   1854, November 27

Colonel Forester & Mr. Stanhope went away. Very cold day & sharp frost, sharper than yesterday which was also very cold. In the after- noon Selina, Alice & I drove to Neachley & sat 1/2 an hour with Dahlia who was as spoiling as usual gave us tea & wanted to give us any number of cloaks & wraps &c.

Weston   1854, November 28

Selina drove over to Broseley & back. Lady B., Letty & Newport went to the Poultry Show at Shrewsbury. Lucy was to have gone too but her cold was bad, so she, Alice & I kept each other company at home. It rained in the afternoon so we did not go out, but played billiards & music. Alice had walked to Blymhill in the morning to ask George to ride with her, so George came to luncheon, but the rain stopped the ride & George went back again. Lady Suffield & Mr. & Mr. E. Cheney came.

Weston   1854, November 29

I was ill all day with a very bad sick headache. George came. Some of them rode.

Weston   1854, November 30

The 2 brothers Cheney went away. I drove to Blymhill in the morning & fetched Ernest to dine with his cousins. Riding attempted, but outing in general failed as it rained all the after- noon. Mr. Wrottesley came. George staid.