Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: January 1855

Weston   1855, January 2

Orlando went away. Mr. DesVoeux came. Bowls. Nothing else pas.(?)

Weston   1855, January 3

Mr. Bagot went away. George still much confined to his room, but in less pain a great deal. He came to dinner. Lucy, Leila, Sir Andrew & Mr. DesVoeux rode to Boscobel & elsewhere. The rest of us walked in the park & wood. Music tonight.

Weston   1855, January 4

The Corbets went away. Lady B. & Letty drove to Patshull & Wrottesley. Lucy, Leila & Mr. DesVoeux walked. Emily, Uncle Charles & I drove to Shiffnal for an object & shopped in a small way. George not so well as we hoped. He did not leave the house or dine with us.

Weston   1855, January 5

George had a drive & Emily & Lucy & Mr. DesVoeux went with him to Blymhill. Leila, Miss Baker & I went with Papa & Uncle Charles to see the pit or rather boy, where the old donkey lost her life. A servant's ball, at which the absence of Johnny & Henry Lane was severely felt ! They began without us today, as we have such an unimposing party of ladies it was thought better, but we joined in the second countrydance & watched a third before we retired. Mr. DesVoeux was very good natured & returned & danced 2 or 3 more times.

Weston   1855, January 6

Mr. DesVoeux went away. The Bristowes & little Harry came, before luncheon. George drove again & Uncle Charles, Emily & Miss Baker went with him. They called at Haughton, but Mr. Brooke was out. I walked with the Bristowes round the Park Pool. Lucy & Leila rode.

Weston   1855, January 7

Sunday. George failed in getting Mr. Rushton to do his duty & was obliged to go & do it himself. However he was better, so it signified rather less. The Bristowes, Leila & Miss Baker walked to Blymhill church for afternoon service. Emily overtired herself, had a headache & could not dine.

Weston   1855, January 8

In the morning Lucy, Lina, Emily & Miss Baker drove & called on Mrs. Holyoake. After luncheon Lady Stafford called.

Weston   1855, January 9

Heard that Lilla was confined yesterday with a daughter that Edmund wishes to ...(?) Judith. Cold day yet we attempted to fish & boated. Lucy & Emily shopped in Shiffnal.

Weston   1855, January 10

Lady B. & Lucy had luncheon at Lilleshall where they saw Lady Stafford & her three charming little boys, the Duke of Sutherland & various other people. Nasty day.Went out late & poltered.

Weston   1855, January 11

Miss Baker went over to Preston Hospital with Mrs. Fielden. Worse day than ever, cold, raw, mizzling(?) & foggy & I for one never stirred out of the house. Uncle Wolryche came.

Weston   1855, January 12

Lucy & Leila rode over to Wrottesley where they had luncheon. Another wretched cold damp foggy day. Commerce.

Weston   1855, January 13

Lady Dartmouth, Frances & Louisa Legge came over here to luncheon & we walked afterwards. Emily had bad headache & did not dine. Ernest & Charlie both quite ill with influenza.

Weston   1855, January 15

Monday. Miss Baker went away. Aunt Charles & Emily drove with her to Shiffnal.

Weston   1855, January 16

Mr. Holyoake & his son (just 16 & a captain in the Staffordshire Militia!) came to shoot and also Mr. Lionel Corbett & Mr. Bennett. They shot Picmoor, the Mill & the Cowley Wood & killed 21 head ! The grous were certainly not first rate, but still what a pass(?) to have come to ! It is indeed high time Chapman was gone & the new keeper established. Mr. Corbett staid. I am quite glad now Mr. G...(?) Mr. Wrottesley & others were not able to come. 21 head !!!!!!!!

Weston   1855, January 17

Uncle Wolryche went away. Mr. Lionel Corbett staid on & went out with George after some woodcocks. His father dined here & they went home together after dinner. Mr. Holyoake also dined here. Very cold day.

Weston   1855, January 18

Lady Dartmouth drove over early with Frances & Louisa Legge. Lady Dartmouth & Lady B. went over to Preston which Lady D. had a great curiosity to see & the Legges spent the day here with us. We chatted & worked all the morning & in the afternoon made biscuits in the still room instead of taking a walk. The biscuit making was very amusing to watch, the Legges, Lucy, Leila & Letty all were hard at work & mixed flour, sugar, water, eggs, currants & lemon peel after a fashion of their own & Emily & I looked on, having no confidence in our powers of confectionary. The still room maid looked on & gave them anything they asked for, but her valuable advice was not asked for, which considering, the biscuits did not turn out so bad after all. I have tasted worse. I asked the still room maid in confidence of that was the way she would make them & her answer "Oh no not in the very least" had prepared me for finding them uneatable.

Weston   1855, January 21

Sunday. Lady B. kept her bed with a bad cold. Almost everybody in the house is, or has been, more or less affected with the same. Letty had tea with Lady B.

Weston   1855, January 22

Snow pretty dens(?). Several a good deal all day, but we went out in the afternoon. Spent the morning drawing. Have had one of my drawing fits for 2 or 3 months now, but for the last week or so it is a mania. How long will it last? Lady B. still very bad. Letty had tea with her again.

Weston   1855, January 24

Wednesday. Lady B. better, came down a little but did not dine. Letty did.

Weston   1855, January 25

Emily went to Leamington to pay visits on her own account. Mr. Wrottesley came. G. has been able to get no one else to shoot with him. What's to be done!

Weston   1855, January 26

Uncle Charles went home. Aunt Charles & Leila went to Dudmaston. Mr. Bennett came over to shoot with Mr. Wrottesley & George walked with them all day, but could not shoot as he has unfortunately not taken out a license this year. Reduced to a very small party tonight.

Weston   1855, January 27

George & Mr. Wrottesley skated on different pools all the morning & saw on the White Sitch 2 foxes playing together in the very centre of the ice & a 3rd ran accross their path at the same moment. I wish I had seen such a sight! Lovely day, clear, bright & still, but cold. Lucy & I actually bestirred ourselves to walk in the morning. I walked with Letty in the afternoon.

Weston   1855, January 28

Sunday. Mr. Feilden was too ill with influenza to do the service, so there was none in the morning & Papa read it to the assembled household in the diningroom. George did the afternoon service here in church & put off his own an hour & had it afterwards. I walked with Papa in the after- noon & we paid a long visit to Mr. Feilden.

Weston   1855, January 29

Monday. Walked with Papa & Letty. Wet through in the snow.

Weston   1855, January 31

Wednesday. I went out with George in the morning to skate on the Temple Pool, but the wind blew so hard that I became completely "the sport of the winds" & I did not go on very long. Lady Dartmouth drove over to luncheon with Mrs. Bagot & Frances Legge. Children brought down. Lucy & I called on Mrs. Feilden afterwards. Bitter cold day.