Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: October 1855

Weston   1855, October 2

The photographing mania strong upon us all. Lucy & I received instructions from Mr. Forester & watched his proceedings narrowly. Lucy even did one. Did various groups. Newport, Edmund & Mr. Richards went out shooting. Papa, Lucy & I were driven to the wood & walked through the new door in the wall to the Lodge(?) of Tong Knoll. The rest drove. Mr. Kinloch came.

Weston   1855, October 3

The morning pouring wet. The rest of the day dull dark & cloudy & most unfavorable to photographing, but we tried a little all the same, but they were not very successful. In the afternoon after doing one group we took a walk, it did not actually rain then. Mr. Leeke came. Mr. & Mrs. Beckwith dined here.

Weston   1855, October 4

Photographed all the morning & did some very successful groups, some in the drying yard, some by the dairy & one in front of the house of the ponycarriage. It was a lovely morning but rained hard most of the afternoon. Mrs. Holyoake & Isy & Miss Grey called & we tried them, but not very successfully, for by that time it was very cloudy & the atmosphere damp & heavy. Were going to drive & Lilla & Mr. Richards ride to Chillington but had to give it up for the rain. Played at billiards till past 5 then it cleared & we got a little walk. I missed the others & walked with Papa.

Weston   1855, October 5

The Edmund B.'s went away & Mr. Richards - Mr. Leeke went away after shooting. Photographed all morning. Drove to Chillington in the after- noon. Showery, had a gleam at the right moment. Mr. & Mrs. Holyoake & Miss Grey dined here.

Weston   1855, October 6

Photographed again like mad & found it a very good clear day for it. Lady B., with Mrs. & Miss Hope & Lucy drove to Teddesley to luncheon. Mr. Kinlock went away directly after luncheon & the Foresters soon after. The Newports also went away to Willey.

Penrhyn Castle   1855, October 8

Monday. Left Mrs. & Miss Hope to go to Teddesley later & came to Penrhyn Castle. Lovely day. The country looking beautiful in the setting sun. Met Mr. Clement Hill at Chester. Found Colonel Pennants' break waiting "in case" for us, having brought somebody down to the station. Papa walked up with Mr. F. Egerton who came by the same train. The other people here besides the family are Mr., Mrs. & Miss Pierce, Mr. Corkran & Mr. Hogg. Played at curling on the table.

Penrhyn Castle   1855, October 9

Rained in the morning & was dull & cloudy in the afternoon. A party drove to Ogwen Bank & Miss Pennant, Lucy & I took a long walk, round the garden first then to the seashore & further, & whom(?) a long round by the village. Very pretty walk but very long. Mr. Fitzroy & Mr. Fremonger came. Played at Vingt un.

Penrhyn Castle   1855, October 10

Sketched from the hall door in the morning. Took another scrambling walk to the sea shore, by the bath house this time & tried in vain to get through or over the wall there, so bent our steps to the other part where we were yesterday. This time Emma Pennant & Miss Pierce were with us & we had a donkey. Had an alarm of running cows! but a false one. Very long walk altogether again. A party went to the slate quarries. Mr. Pierce went away. Played music & Curling.

Penrhyn Castle   1855, October 11

A rainy day from morning till night. Passed most of the morning in the hall at curling, battledore & shuttlecock &c. & the afternoon in making oatcake & the evening in music, bottle & broomstick, cockfighting &c &c.

Penrhyn Castle   1855, October 12

Mr. Fremonger went away. Our party drove to Beaumaris, Baron Hill & Rhinauver & the 2 Pennants, Miss Pearse & I drove in a little ponycarriage with one seat to Bangor to shop & came back by the village where Car & I got out & walked across to the Talybont Lodge & so home. More music & curling.

Penrhyn Castle   1855, October 13

Drew in the morning. Captain Egerton & Colonel Hogg went away & so did Mr. G. Pennant later. Mr. Knightly came. Three, no 5 Pennants, Mrs. & Miss Pearse, Lucy & I drove in the car towards the hills, got out & walked across fields to a village & then drove home by Bangor. Car, Miss Pierce & I walking from the Lodge. More curling. Mr. Pearse came very late.

Penrhyn Castle   1855, October 14

Threatened a headache, took a dose & staid at home from morning church at Bangor but went in the afternoon with the rest to Llandegai, very pretty church, good singing. Squand words in evening.

Bodelwyddan   1855, October 15

We breakfasted early & started directly after for an expedition to Llandudno. Lady L. & 3 Pennants, Mr. & Miss Pearse & us 4. Went by rail to Conway, took an omnibus & amused ourselves extremely at Llandudno for a few hours. Entered a booth sort of bazaar & made purchases, called on Victoria Clive & Mademoiselle Tellenbach who we discovered to be there, groped for diamonds, watched people bathing, ate an enormous luncheon & came back to Conway only just in time for our train to Rhyl. Parted company with the rest of the Penrhyn Castle party with great regret at the station at Conway. Met Lady Willoughby & Mr. Hugh Williams also coming to Bodelwyddan as well as ourselves. The only other guest here Miss Gordon.

Bodelwyddan   1855, October 16

Most beautiful day. Walked about the garden & town(?) &c in the morning. Drove to Cefu in the afternoon, called on Mrs. Lloyd, (Mrs. Herbert Wynns mother) who took us the most lovely scrambling walks among the rocks. Such magnificent scenery & curious caves. Mr. Herbert Wynn has done grandly for himself. Mrs. Lloyd gave us some tea before starting on our rather cold but very pretty drive home. The whole party of us went do dine at Kinmel, where Mr. & Mrs. Hughes were entertaining Sir Hamilton, Lady & two Miss Seymours, Mr. Stuart Hobhouse, Mr. Bryce Pearse, Mr. Hughes' mother & sister &c. A man & girl played the Welsh harp & sang & Mrs. Hughes played a little & Mr. Hughes sang, both so well. I had no idea Mrs. H. played so beautifully. It is odd that the very last time we were staying at Bodelwyddan 7 years ago, we also went to dine at Kinmel, then in Lord Dinorben's time & to meet ...(?) & his brother.

Weston   1855, October 17

We came home. Long tiring journey, took 2 1/2 hours longer than going to Penrhyn. Waited long at Chester. Walked up to the town & among the gallaries & went to Bollands but found it too late to have luncheon & everything went wrong. Got home nearly 7. Children very well & glad to see us.

Weston   1855, October 18

I had a sich headache. Lucy went to Shiffnal before luncheon to meet Mary who came here with her two children. Lady Bradford went to Stafford to meet Letty who came home today from Scotland.

Weston   1855, October 19

I did not go out. The others drove to Tong in the afternoon.

Weston   1855, October 20

Robert Clive came.

Weston   1855, October 22

Monday. Robert went to Oakly Park. Lucy & Letty rode to Donington & called on the Howards. Lady & Miss Boughey called here & walked about with us some time. Mr. Childe, Annie & Mary C., Mr. & Mrs. Holyoake, Uncle Charles, Mr. Bagot & Sir Henry Wynn came.

Weston   1855, October 23

We went in the afternoon to Lilleshall most of the ladies & walked from the Hall to the ruins where it came to pelt with rain & soaked us all the way home. Robert Clive came back. Mr. & Lady Louisa Cotes came.

Weston   1855, October 24

The Mill Pool was fished, a good quantity of fish but nothing enormous. The 2 largest pike weighed 25 lbs. The whole party but Annie Childe & I went down to it in the morning but it was over early & we did not go down again, but walked elsewhere in the afternoon, Isy Holyoake came over to see it & staid to tea with the boys. Henry Cotes also came to the fishing & had his dinner here. Newport came over & remains the night. Mr. & Lady L. Cotes went away in the afternoon & Mr. & Mrs. Newton Lane came. We sang &c.

Weston   1855, October 25

The Holyoakes went away & Sir Henry Wynn & later in the day Newport & Annie Childe. Mr. C. & W..(?) were to have gone too, but as they were only going home we persuaded them to stay on. Newport took some of them as far as the Knoll farm in his new carriage & the walked home. I had a sick headache & was obliged to shut up after luncheon. Mr. Cheney & Mr. E. Cheney came & Mr. Rate. The Beckwiths dined here. George came back late in the evening from Germany without notice. His sight is a shade(?) better with the bad eye & he is to go again in the spring.

Weston   1855, October 26

Almost all the party went to Tong in the morning to talk over the restoration of the church & take photographs. Mr. Bagot tried to catch a pike in the Temple Pool without success, I joined him & we walked together. After luncheon I did not go out. The others mostly went to the Park Pool to fish but had no better success there. Kitty came.

Weston   1855, October 27

All the company went away, but Lucy, Mary & I had started before any of them for Willey. We went by Ironbridge & were met by Newport & his new carriage & picked up Mrs. Forester on the way. Nobody at Willy with Selina but the Fanes & Geraldine Anson. Enjoyed Selina & many photographs. Selina came with us back to Ironbridge & we stopped again at Brosely to drop Mrs. Forester & photograph. Mary, which plate promises well in spite of the dulness of the day, foggy & damp. Glad we had the close carriage.

Halston   1855, October 29

Monday. Robert & Mary & their children left us & I came to Halston, travelling with them as far as Shrewsbury. George & his children are to go back to Blymhill this week & Newports children come before I return home. I got here to luncheon & we walked afterwards.

Halston   1855, October 30

Poured & pelted with rain all last night & all this tirelong day. We were to have gone to Chirk Castle to luncheon but of course it was out of the question. It was good for the catalogue of pictures I am to make. Mr. Howe called rain & all.

Halston   1855, October 31

Were to have gone to Brynkynalt this morning to luncheon but it rained again nearly all day & we only got out for a cold & wettish walk at 4 o'clock. Played at billiards in the evening.