Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: November 1855

Weston   1855, November 10

The Wrights, the Nevilles & Captain Cheney went away. Mr. C. Fitzroy came. The long wished for photograph machine has actually arrived & set us dancing with delight. The camera is unluckily broken & as there is no book & we don't know the exact quantities & mixtures of the chemicals, we must wait a little while before commencing operations. We had it sent at once to the Temple & Selina, Gerald & I after a visit to the children at Blymhill, drove there met Lucy, unpacked it & put it away in the cupboards. This is the 3rd night Papa has not dined, for a bad cold. Vingt un.

Weston   1855, November 11

Sunday. Got 4 birthday presents! Neither Lucy nor Papa went to church for their colds. After morning church Letty & I walked with Newport, Orlando, Colonel Hogg & Mr. Fitzroy & the boys to the top of the Knoll. Most lovely day. After afternoon church we most of us potters to the conservatory & kitchen garden. Wondered George has not turned up today. Looked at the portfolio of Italian prints. Papa did not dine.

Weston   1855, November 12

The Newports went to London. Colonel Hogg, Mr. Fitzroy and Orlando also went away. George looked in in the morning to account for himself all these days. Lady B., Francis & I went to luncheon with the Holyoakes. Invited because the hounds met at Buckley, but went too late for hunting. Met Mr. Holyoake & Isy riding home, walked in the garden till Mrs. Holyoake & Miss Somerset came in from hunting. Mr. Henry Corbett also there. After luncheon inspected the house, offices & store cupboards. Models all! Took a run to the Temple with Gerald too late for my purpose which was connected with photographing - fire apparatus &c.

Weston   1855, November 13

Mr. & Mrs. Forester came over to see & aid in our photograhic attempts & brought Lady Colville with them to luncheon. We spent till luncheon time in vain attempts & cannot satisfactorily make out what made them do so badly. The effect on the camera was enchanting. Lady B. drove in the morning & fetched Miss Sneyd & Ernest from Blymhill to luncheon & took them back in the afternoon. George also came over to luncheon. The Foresters & Lady Colville went back to Shiffnal with Lucy who went to Pitchford for the Hunt ball & will probably go on to Oakly Park with Mary.

Weston   1855, November 14

Letty & I drove Mademoiselle Lunier & the boys riding by, to see Tong Castle & church. I wanted to be left at the church to look at arms & monuments, but finding we could not get a key without sending to the clerk, we drove first to the Castle where we found Mrs. Holyoake lionizing Mr. Henry Forester over it. I left the rest of our party there & returned to the church where they followed & we went up to see the great bells.

Weston   1855, November 15

Heard Selina was safely confined of a little girl on Tuesday afternoon, so she was only just in time, great rejoicings, holiday, diners to see the little sister &c &c. The boys spent their day in making a garden for her, writing French letters to her & such like things. I spent an hour & 1/2 with Davies in the Temple filtering Nitrate of Silver with great success. Lady B. & Letty lunched at Haughton. The boys & I spent the afternoon working in the little sister's garden! & when we came in sowed custard & cress on a plate with flannel. George looked in for 1/4 of an hour after dinner.

Weston   1855, November 16

Letty & I walked in the morning to Blymhill & brought George back to luncheon. After luncheon we took another walk but only ..(?) the Shrewsbury walk & to ...(?) Clayton & Maria Morgan. When we came in we found the Cunliffe's calling.

Weston   1855, November 17

After luncheon I drove with Lady B. to call at Longford. Strange to say the very first time in my life I ever was there. We found Lady Hester Leeke at home & Annie Childe with her, but the latter soon went away & was to walk with Mr. Leeke to Newtown. Brought Selina Hagdon home to see her mother at the Warren Farm.

Weston   1855, November 18

Sunday. George preached here this morning for a collection for the Church building Society & Mr. Beckwith took his duty for him instead. He staid for luncheon. In the afternoon after church Letty & I took a quick strump with the boys to the Tong Lodge to show the boys what a newborn baby was like that they might have some sort of notion of their little sister, for their notions concerning her were very odd. Mrs. Croft lighted the candle to see it by!

Weston   1855, November 19

Mr. Cheney called (bringing Mr. E. Cheney here) on his way else- where & we got our machine from the Temple & he examined it & gave advice upon it. Miss Cure & Colonel Cure, Sir John & Lady Pakington, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Whitmore & Lord Hatherton also came. Lady Hatherton was prevented by a bad cold. George dined here.

Weston   1855, November 20

The whole party went to Tong in the morning & lionized the Castle & church & most of them walked home. After luncheon Mr. Rath called & I went with Colonel Cure to the Temple & learnt a good many things about our chemicals & apparatus. George was here again. Singing & choruses. Tea & (Tripe macaroni) at 5.

Weston   1855, November 21

Lord Hatherton went away & the Henry Whitmores also after luncheon. I did not go out. Were to have photographed but the distilled water which was essentially necessary never came so I could not get my lesson. Mr. Cheney's servant made a very tolerable attempt of Davis's head with what chemicals were already prepared. George here again,. More singing.

Weston   1855, November 22

The Packingtons, Mr. E. Cheney & the Cures went away. I had the worst sick headache I have had since Hawkstone.

Weston   1855, November 23

Mrs. & Miss Charlton called.

Weston   1855, November 24

I walked with Lady B. & Letty in the morning to see my white call ducks that Mr. Holyoake has sent me. Such pretty little things. We picked up the boys & walked round the Park pool. Lunched early & went to Newport station to meet Lucy & Mary who were coming from London & brought Lucy home. They have seen Selina & the baby & lots of people & done lots of things. Mr. & Mrs. Beckwith had called. We met them coming away & George looked in in the afternoon.

Weston   1855, November 25

Sunday. Lucy, Letty & Gerald went to Blymhill church in afternoon.

Weston   1855, November 26

Lucy & I tried to do business in the photograph here in the morning, but gained nothing but experience, for want of distilled water could not sensitise paper & for Elisha's dilatoriness in sending back our things could take no pictures. Miss Brooke called. Lucy & I walked in the afternoon.

Weston   1855, November 27

Lucy & I spent the morning at the Temple among our photograph things. But the stuff we made for sensitizing the paper proved to be in doing thing (?)but a clean bottle & we had the whole trouble of filtering it all over again & we still have to do the paper tomorrow. It certainly is very uphill work at present but I hope we shall get into the swing of it soon. We tried Wisey & Orlando but it came out very badly. George's children came to spend some hours here. They were as good as possible & great darlings. They had their dinner with us in the breakfast room & their tea with their cousins & went home after it. Wisey went away to see her mother.

Weston   1855, November 28

Spent the morning again at the Temple. Succeeded a trifle better & sensitized some paper & when we went in the afternoon to put up the papers we had sensitized & left hanging to dry, to our horror we found Martha Jones in her tidiness had been & opened all the shutters & there was all the light of day upon our poor papers & I fear all we had done must be spoilt. Hers(?) trying but can't be ...(?) Letty & I took a walk in the park.

Weston   1855, November 29

Lucty & Letty went to Woodcote to luncheon & would have gone on to call at Meretown if it had not turned to rain. Mr. & Lady Hester Leeke rode here to luncheon. Mr. & Mrs. Cunliffe came & George dined here. We printed our "chef d'oeuvre"(!!!) to send to Selina.

Weston   1855, November 30

Walked in the morning. I followed & met the others at the Boathouse. I walked alone in the afternoon. Mr. Norris came. Mr. Brooke dined here & the Beckwiths (Miss Beckwith coming in in the evening, Miss Brooke was to have dined here but had a cold. George dined here. Mrs. Cunliffe sang.