Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: November 1856

Scotney Castle   1856, November 10

Monday. We intended calling at Eridge but the horses did not come in time. I was obliged to go to bed early with a headache.

Scotney Castle   1856, November 11

It rained & we did not go out much.

London   1856, November 12

I left Scotney after a very pleasant visit of a month. I came to the Bristowes in London for a day or two. Arrived here to luncheon & did not go out after. Henry Bridgeman called & Mrs. & Miss Close(?) that he might introduce his bride elect to me. She seemed pleasing the little I saw.

London   1856, November 13

Lina & I drove in the afternoon & got thro' a great deal of shopping. We dined early & went to the Play. Saw the Midsummer Night's Dream beautifully got up at the Princess's Theatre with Mendelsohn's music, but the music part was the least well done of of the whole. All the rest was perfect in its way - very pretty & very amusing.

London   1856, November 14

Paid for last night's dissipation with a headache, but not bad enough to lay me up quite. Alice Anson called in the morning. In the afternoon we drove again, did a little more shopping & called on the Robert Herberts. Henry Bridgeman called again in the evening. Mr. & Mrs. Boteler Bristowe & Mr. Chambers dined here.

Bilton   1856, November 15

Left Eccleston Square & came to Bilton. Got here to luncheon. All the 3 Simpsons are at home & Louisa Bridgeman.

Bilton   1856, November 17

Monday. Isabella & I took a drive to Rugby first & then

to Lord John Scott's.

Bilton   1856, November 18

Emily Bridgeman came. I did not go out.

Bilton   1856, November 19

Mademoiselle de Sabgé(?) came to luncheon. Isabella & I drove to Dunchurch called on the Miss Whaler's & round by Rugby.

Bilton   1856, November 20

Emily B. went away. Isabella took her to the station & then took me a little drive thro' the Dunchurch Avenue(?). A photograph man was here in the morning & gave me some hints.

Bilton   1856, November 21

Isabella, Louisa & I went to Leamington in the morning & came back in the afternoon to see Aunt Selina who gave us luncheon. Isabella had some shopping & Louisa to go to the dentist, but I remained all the time with Aunt Selina, who walked up to the station again with us. As I was getting out of the carriage again at home, my foot slipped & I came flat down on the stone steps - no easy fall but I was only badly bruised.

Bilton   1856, November 22

Mr. & Mrs. Peaces(?) called -on me, I believe. Emily, Louisa & I drove to Dunchurch where Emily staid to pay a visit to the Miss Whaler's while we drove on a bit & came back for her. When we came home found Henry Gunning calling - from Rugby.

Hewell   1856, November 24

Monday. I came to Hewell. Met Admiral & Miss Bowler on the way, who were also coming here. Lady Windsor sent a carriage for me. Mary & Robert & Gina are also come here today & Mr. R. Clive & Lord Holmesdale, Lord Powis & Percy Herbert.

Hewell   1856, November 25

Mr. Amherst came before breakfast. We sang duets in the morning. Walked a little in the afternoon. Mr. & Mrs. W. Henning(?) came.

Hewell   1856, November 26

Snow on the ground. Rainy & sloshy all day. None of us ladies went out. Made music in the morning & billiards in the afternoon. Mr. & Mrs. Dickens dined here.

Hewell   1856, November 27

Lord Powis went away. We called on Mrs. Dickens some of us, then walked to the kitchen garden & about it, coming back in the carriage.

Hewell   1856, November 28

Victoria & I went out in the ponycarriage in the morning. Did not go out again. Played at billiards instead. Mr. & Mrs. W. Henning went away. Mrs. Hamilton, Captain Emmots, Mr. & Mrs. Dickens & Mr. Minors..(?) dined here.

Hewell   1856, November 29

Everybody else went away, except Robert, Mary & I.

Hewell   1856, November 30

I only went to church in the morning. Walked back.