Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

Lady Charlotte Bridgeman's journals

Transcribed by Marianne van Dael - van Zelm Zwern

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Selected period: December 1856

Oakley Park   1856, December 2

So cold we did not attempt to go out. Played at billiards.

Oakley Park   1856, December 3

Robert went away. Still cold & snowy & we did not go out.

Kinlet   1856, December 4

Mary & I came to Kinlet. Robert joined us here late after dinner. The drive over the Clee Hillso foggy, snowy & slippery. There are also staying here Mr. & Mrs. Claughton & Johnny.

Kinlet   1856, December 5

The Claughtons went away. We did not get out.

Kinlet   1856, December 6

Agnes & Sir V. Corbet came. It poured with rain & we had to stay indoors again.

Kinlet   1856, December 7

Sunday. It rained so hard & blew so hard that we did not all get to church in the morning, but in the afternoon it cleared.

Oakley Park   1856, December 8

We came back to Oakly Park, pretty drive over the Clee.

Oakley Park   1856, December 9

Robert went away. Still rainy, it poured so in afternoon we couldn't get out.

Oakley Park   1856, December 10

Mary & Gina & I went to Mellichope to luncheon. It fortunately cleared about 12, or it had been raining so we had given up going. We did not leave Millichope again till 4 (to give the children longer time together) & Gina sang al the way home, beginning with "Halleluyah"!

Oakley Park   1856, December 11

We went out a little in the morning as it was really fine at last & drove in the afternoon to Ludlow & to call at Downton Hall.

Oakley Park   1856, December 12

We went out in the morning in the ponycarriage & called on Mrs. Langworth, then drove along the new drive to Ludlow as far as it is made. It rained all the afternoon. Robert came back.

Oakley Park   1856, December 13

Mary & I went out in the ponycarriage in the morning to see some coursing. Mr. Charlton came in with us to luncheon. Little Henrietta had a fit this afternoon & Mr. Clements came from Shrewsbury to see her. I had a sick headache & did not dine.

Oakley Park   1856, December 14

Sunday. I did not get up very early or go out at all.

Oakley Park   1856, December 15

Lady Powis, Lord Powis, Lucy, Harriet & Percy Herbert came. Also Mary Clive, Ernald Lane & Mr. F. Gregory. Mary & Robert rode in the afternoon.

Oakley Park   1856, December 16

All the ladies but me went into Ludlow to see Struver in the morning, Lady Powis & Mary driving & the rest walking. That was a step beyond me so I took my own little walk alone. George Herbert & Willy Clive came. We played at Vingt un.

Oakley Park   1856, December 17

Harriet & I took a drive in the ponycarriage & went through unheard of risks & dangers in a rutty road ! but got home safe & enjoyed our drive. The whole party except George Herbert & I went to the Ludlow ball.

Oakley Park   1856, December 18

We went to Ludlow to see the new schools. Har. & I in the ponycarriage the other ladies in the omnibus. It began to rain before we got there & pelted all the way home. Colonel & Mrs. Jones & Mr. Clarke dined here. Vingt un.

Powis Castle   1856, December 19

I left Oakly Park with Lady Powis & the Herberts & came to Powis Castle & cannot yet believe it is me myself. It was such a lovely drive par- ticularly between Bishop's Castle & Powis Castle.

Powis Castle   1856, December 20

I had a headache all day which prevented me going out or doing much else than lying on the sofa all day but it got better in the evening. Mrs. & Miss Mytton of Garth & Mrs. Abercrombie had luncheon here & Mr. Gregory called from Vaenor but nobody saw him.

Powis Castle   1856, December 21

Sunday. I only went to church in the morning & not out again.

Powis Castle   1856, December 22

Harriet & I drove in the afternoon. The morning we spent chiefly in the state room where Lucy & Har. were drawing & I took my letters &c. After 5 o'clock tea I went with them to Lady Powis's room where they go every evening & read aloud. Mr. Devereux Mytton came here to shoot & staid.

Powis Castle   1856, December 23

I drove with Lady Powis to the farm first & to Berriad. Lucy & Har. rode & met Mr. Gregory ! Mr. Mytton went away after dinner.

Powis Castle   1856, December 24

Showery afternoon, but I had a very nice drive with Lucy round by Garth. Harriet & Percy rode.

Powis Castle   1856, December 25

Christmas Day. In the afternoon we went to the Stables particularly to see Warrior & then as the rest were going a good walk, I went & walked a little bit on the terraces. I heard from home that I was to go home tomorrow instead of Saturday, a great disappointment.

Powis Castle   1856, December 26

Such a morning, snowing, blowing, drifting, that Lady Powis sent a letter by the coach to be forwarded by the train to Shiffnal to say I should stay till Monday, an arrangement which met with my approval most decidedly when I heard what she had done. There were several snow storms during the day. We of course staid at home all day. Archdeacon Clive got up to luncheon, to say he could not come to dinner.

Powis Castle   1856, December 27

I had to remain in bed late with a bad sick headache & only got up to luncheon. Miss Charlotte Clive came to luncheon. I did not go out. The others took a long walk.

Powis Castle   1856, December 28

Sunday. It snowed so, that nobody went to church a second time.

Weston   1856, December 29

I left Powis Castle & came home. Met many people at Shrewsbury station, among others Edmund & Lilla who were coming also to Weston & we travelled together. Also Johnny & Nano who were leaving Weston & going to Oakly Park. Found here Orlando, Tom Moncreiffe, Miss Baker & Sir Francis & Lady Scott, besides the family party which includes George. Uncle Wolryche also came.

Weston   1856, December 30

They: Lilla, Miss Baker & I drove to Blymhill & saw the satisfactory children there & Lucy & Lilla walked home. Uncle Charles, Aunt C., Isabel & Leila came.

Weston   1856, December 31

Tom Moncreiffe went away & Letty & I drove with him to Penkridge station. Sir F. & Lady Scott also went away. Emily B. came & Johnny & Nano. Lucy photographed.