Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

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Mr. Bagot = Rev Egerton Arden Bagot, of Pipe (Hayes) Hall, b 3 Jan 1777; educated at Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford, d 4 Feb 1861, son of Rev Walter Bagot, of Pipe Hall and Anne Swinnerton; m Weston 22 Oct 1822 Elizabeth Isabella Bridgeman, b 17 April 1793, d 17 Nov 1824, dau of Rev. George Bridgeman, Rector of Wigan and Weston, greatuncle of Charlotte, and brother of the 1st Earl of Bradford.
Charlotte was very fond of Mr. Bagot. There are over 150 entries in her diaries concerning Mr. Bagot. She sometimes described him as “His majesty King Bagot”, but in the positive sense of the word. He was good company. He always travelled with his carpetbag. Although in the beginning of his seventies he seems to have been an energetic man who fished with Charlotte, shot with bow and arrow, walked, played games in the evening. When Charlotte stayed at Castle Bromwich they often went to visit Mr. Bagot at his nearby home Pipe Hayes Hall.

Emily Mary Bagot, d 13 dec 1853; sister of Rev Frederick Bagot, dau of Rt Rev Richard Bagot, m 25 Jun 1850 George Thomas Orlando Bridgeman, brother of Charlotte, b 21 Aug 1823, d 25 Nov 1895; (School, Harrow.) Matric. Michs. 1842; M.A. 1845. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1849; priest (Hereford) 1850; R. of Willey, Salop, 1850-3; R. of St Mary's, Blymhill, Staffs., 1853-64; Rural Dean of Brewood, 1863; R. of Wigan, Lancs., 1864-95; J.P. for Staffs. and Salop; Hon. Canon of Chester, 1872-80; of Liverpool, 1880; Chaplain-in-ordinary to Queen Victoria, 1872-95; Trustee of the `William Salt' Library at Stafford; author, Some Account of the Manor and Parish of Blymhill (Hist. Coll. of Staffs., I. 289-384; II. 67-147); A History of the Church and Manor of Wigan; History of the Princes of South Wales.


The Seymours (also) lived at Grosvenor Street (see 14-6-1851).

Henry Seymour, (1776-1849), of Knoyle House, Hindon, Wilts.; Northbrook Lodge, Devon; 39 Upper Grosvenor Street, Mdx. (see 2-12-1848; maybe also 9-12-1848 and 6-5-1849); married to Jane Hopkinson (see Mrs. Seymour); among their children were Alfred Seymour, and Sarah Ellen and Louisa Caroline Harcourt Seymour. Before his marriage to Jane Hopkinson Henry Seymour had a daughter Harriette-Felicite from his mistress Felicite Dailly-Brimont.

Mrs. Seymour; (see 15-6-1847, 18-7-1848); she gave parties and balls in London; she probably was Jane, daughter of Benjamin Hopkinson, and wife of Henry Seymour.

Mr. Seymour; (see 28-9-1853, 29-9-1853, 30-9-1853, 5-8-1856); not yet known who he was; he cannot be Henry Seymour, who died 1849.

Mrs. Seymour; (see 5-8-1856; mentioned as “ Mr. and Mrs. Seymour); not yet known who she was; she cannot be the wife of Henry Seymour (who died in 1849).

Mr. Alfred Seymour; (see 22-6-1847); son of Henry Seymour.

The Miss Seymours; (see 9-9-1848, 16-10-1855); probably Sarah Ellen en Louisa Caroline Harcourt Seymour. In that time they were still unmarried.

Captain Seymour; (see 23-10-1848); not sure who he was; maybe he is a son of Admiral Sir Michael Seymour, 1st Bt, and Jane Hawker.

Miss Seymour; (see 3-12-1848; mentioned as “Sir George & Lady & Miss Seymour”, also 30-5-1855); not yet known who she was.

Sir George Seymour; (see 8-7-1855); not yet known who he was, but probably the same Sir George as mentioned with Lady and Miss Seymour.

Miss (Gaddy) Seymour; (see 16-4-1853); not yet known who she was.

Colonel Seymour; (see 21-6-1853, 13-6-1856); not yet known who he was.

Vyse (Howard Vyse)

Mrs. (Howard) Vyse; (see 6-5-1852, 26-5-1853, 8-6-1853); she was Elizabeth Seymour, died 1892, married 1839 to Lt.Col. George Charles Ernest Adolphus Richard Howard-Vyse.

Lilly Vyse; (see 5-6-1855); she could be the same as Lily Anne Gunning, born 1829, who married 1852 the Rev. Granville Sykes Howard Vyse. Lily Anne Gunning, was daughter of Major John Gunning and Jessie Miller Babington (see Bridgeman Family).