Charlotte Bridgeman's Journals

February 1846 - January 1857

About Lady Charlotte


Early Victorian Ladies were educated at home by private tutors. In Charlotte’s life Miss Baker, her Governess, remained a trusted and faithfull companion. Charlotte was a keen reader and also liked to read the newspaper to keep her well informed.

Her other interests were : music (she had i.e. guitar lessons & singing lessons, dancing lessons). She liked being in London, but was also quite fond of the country. Liked to walk, watch the hunt etc. She did not like horseriding and rode on very few occasions herself. However, in later years she enjoyed very much having her own pony carriage.

She had drawing lessons and was interested in the work of other artists by visiting many exhibitions and galleries. She became quite accomplished herself and some of her work still remains at Weston Park.

Another outdoor pursuit very much in vogue at the time was Archery. She had several lessons and practised a great deal while staying at Castle Bromwich. She received several prizes.

In the last years of her life she became very much interested in photography together with her sister Lucy. They had several lessons and learnt how to use the various chemicals themselves. Their father not wanting to have this done in the main house, gave the sisters permission to use the undercroft of the Temple of Diana in the grounds of Weston Park.